Owner's Locker

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Owner's Locker

I haven't seen any references to Owner's Locker in the forum. We have one and find it very convenient. Basically it gives us place to keep those items we only use in WDW (ponchos, sun screen, pool toys, shampoo, wine glasses, etc.). This way we don't have to haul this stuff from home on every trip.

In case you are not familiar with Owner's Locker, it's sort of like a mini-storage company that delivers and picks up. You rent a storage tub that is 22" X 20" X 13" and you fill it with the all stuff you use on vacation. When you're ready to leave WDW, Owner's Locker guys come to your hotel and pick it up. They keep your tub in a "climate controlled" storage facility, until you tell them you're coming back. Then they deliver your tub to your hotel/DVC location and you've got your vacation stuff waiting for you when you arrive. Their web site has a much better description. Before they pick it up at the end of your vacation, you put a tamper proof seal on your tub so that you can be sure it wasn't opened while in storage. This service costs $99 a year and includes one delivery and pick up. Additional deliveries and pickups are $12.

So, does anyone else use this service, what do you think of it, and most importantly, tell us what you keep in your locker.

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We have it! It was a Christmas present from my fiance in '09 and we totally love it! clapping Makes traveling so much easier carrying so much less...We have the unlimited, since we have a tendency to say hey we have points, lets go next week ( cant do that much anymore, but we used to!) So the unlimited is $179




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We have seriously considered getting one for a set of clothes. I know it sounds crazy but it would be so nice to just have everything there. We've been going pretty often the last few years so we're milling it about.

The real hold-up is the cost of the clothes, not of the locker. I think it would be pretty reasonably priced for the convenience, especially with baggage fees what they are now.

P.S. Here's our post with a bit more info on it: