Park hopping?

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Park hopping?

Hello! I'm looking for some advice about the best way to go between parks. I'm used to Disneyland, where it's as simple as walking for under 3 minutes, but I know WDW requires a little more time and planning!

On Friday of our trip, we're planning to go to Animal Kingdom in the morning, then heading to DHS after. Any special tips on a good (or especially scenic) way to do that transfer?

Then on Saturday, we're planning to start off at DHS and then go to Epcot in the late afternoon/early evening. What's the best way to do that?

Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Edit: One more, slightly unrelated and possibly silly question- Do any of you have an opinion on the best bus stop at Riverside? I figure if there's any advantage to one over the others, you all would know! (I only have one week to go, so I'm getting extra obsessive with the planning.)

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The best way to travel to/from EPCOT & DHS is walking. You can walk from DHS to the Boardwalk and just continue on the path to EPCOT. You can also take the boat, but we were able to walk faster than the boat because it makes several stops on the way.

I am almost positive there are buses at each park that will take you to another park....I remember seeing them at least in May at Animal Kingdom that went to other parks!

Good luck!

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As Eeyore states, there are buses from the parks to other parks so that's an easy way to go. Also the boat ride from Epcot to HS is nice, but long.

For POR, we found that the West stop was pretty good - it was either the first or second stop, so there was always room on the bus. That stop is by Alligator Bayou.

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Eeyore is right, there are park-to-park buses. Maybe not Epcot/MK or Epcot/DHS since there's the monorail or boat, but otherwise, you can get from any park to any other park via bus.

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To go from Animal Kingdom to DHS the only option is the bus.
To go from DHS to Epcot:
Option 1: Boat- It makes stops at The Boardwalk, Swan and Dolphin along with Yacht and Beach Club. That takes maybe 20-30 minutes plus the wait at the launch. If there is bad weather like lightning the boats will get shut down until it clears.
Option 2: Bus- There is a bus that runs all day to Epcot.
Option 3: Walk- That could take however long you want it to. I think it takes about 15 minutes to walk.

Just depends on what you want to do.

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Thanks everyone! I figured my only option for AK to DHS would be the bus, but I wasn't sure. We'll definitely walk from DHS to Epcot, though- I wanted to see the boardwalk and that's a perfect opportunity. Thanks for your help!

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My DP and I are hardcore hoppers. In fact I did a semi-scientific study regarding the boat vs walking between Epcot and HS during our last trip in April 2013.

Here's the link to our trip report.

The boat is slightly faster and easier on the feet.

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Our family loves the boat. We always seem to get on and get a good seat even during the busier hours. Yeah... walking to and from Epcot to HS is there... but your already walking in the parks. I like to rest my feet... heh. But... if your already walking... you can easily keep going... lol


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We love the boat too - and the boat ride from Epcot to DHS is one of my favorites. You may get there faster by walking, but then you don't get that lovely boat ride!

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What Mase and Kristen K said awesome awesome


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