Peter Pan - Going in Vault

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Peter Pan - Going in Vault

Just got notice that Peter Pan will be going back in
the Disney Vault- but they didn't give me a date when confused

Anyway, if it's on your buy list, might want to do it soon!

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Thanks for the head's up MM


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Thanks ANgie!

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Thanks! Already got it.

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Yep - snagged that one a few months ago. Thanks for the heads up!

Just got my copy of Little Mermaid with a digital copy too.....those are so awesome to watch on an IPad if you have not explored them. mickey

You never know when you might need a Disney fix on the go.

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Many thanks for the heads up! It will make a great stocking stuffer!! awesome


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Are we talking DVD here..?...Excuse my ignorance..Is it a Blu Ray anniversary copy.?..Just got my Blu Ray home cinema repaired and the 200 watts are waking up the neighbour hood... laugh