Which Disney Movie Hero Would You Be?

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Which Disney Movie Hero Would You Be?

Through the years Disney Movies have offered a board spectrum of heroes and heroines to entertain and inspire us. if you would be any of them which one would you be, and which movie are they from? Are they the star of your favorite movie, or is it just a character that you connected with in a special way?

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The Rocketeer! (from The Rocketeer). He was just slick, cool, has a rocket! and he got the girl. Who wouldnt want to be Cliff Secord?


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Pongo! I think my next life will be as a dog. laugh

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Remy from Ratatouille, a world class chef (LOL), and a true friend! Besides, Remy kind-a looks like my dog. Big smile

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I would like to be one of The Incredibles.

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Meg from Hercules! What a tough chic

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I'd be Mrhub or VetteLover! (see Jeff's thread on how they saved his life) silly
Oh! You did say Movie hero - hummm -

I guess it would be between Rapunzel (she saved Flynn/Eugene a few times) or Belle (I guess you could say she saved the beast) .......

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I love the idea of being one of the Incredibles but I think I'd probably want to be Peter Pan. I just love the idea of living in Neverland, hanging with mermaids and picking on Captain Hook.


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Kris1971 wrote:
I love the idea of being one of the Incredibles but I think I'd probably want to be Peter Pan. I just love the idea of living in Neverland, hanging with mermaids and picking on Captain Hook.

Ooh, I agree. Though not my favorite character, having all of Peter Pan's adventures would be incredible! That, or one of the Disney Fairies--I love how they're really developed their world in recent years and it would be AMAZING to be part of that world! (And hey, Tinkerbell counts as a hero at least within her own stories now, right Wink)?


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I'd be one of the Fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty. Not a what would be considered a regular "hero" position maybe, but perfect for an introvert like me. Plus no alterations would be required for the dresses - I'm built like that already! biggrin



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Darby O'Gill. Not sure why I thought of him . . . Did have an Irish Coffee the other night. Magic, gold, liquor, leprechauns . . Sounds kinda fun!


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Peter Pan without a doubt. I'd get to fly, I would never have to grow up and living in Neverland sounds amazing.


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Buzz Lightyear or Mater!!!



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Well it's got to be The Mad Hatter...What else.?..LOL..

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Disney owned movie - Yoda silly


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