Places to Sit & Relax at the Parks

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Places to Sit & Relax at the Parks

Heading back to the resort for a nap is one thing but what about places at the parks to sit and relax for a bit. Preferably out of the heat and with a comfortable seat. And ideally without a bunch of rowdy screaming little ones. Here are a few places where I have used to relax...

  • Magic Kingdom - the front porch of Town Square Theater. I will sit in a wooden rocker and maybe watch a parade go by.
  • Magic Kingdom - Carousel of Progress
  • Epcot - American Adventure, by the time I walk all the way to the back of World Showcase I need a break.
  • Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom - Can't really think of a good place at either

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At MK, we like to do Tomorrowland last, when we are worn out. COP and TTA are great for resting feet. Even Monsters, Inc is great for resting feet, once you get seated, but it is quite interactive.

AK has a little hidden area, I think back between Asia and Africa, used to be a smoking area. You are kind of hidden, it's quiet, it's nice.

EPCOT, pretty close to Figment along the grassy area is where we usually take a breather. There is a vendor there selling those frozen flavored drinks. We stop there, get one and chill out, sharing this drink with the kids.



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I have always been partial to the rocking chairs on the front porch at the Liberty Tree Tavern rest., BUT the last time we were there they were amongst the missing. I just don't know wether they were out being refurbished or removed for good?


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American Idol Experience is a good place for a rest at Hollywood Studios or any of the other many shows in that park.

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Places that *I* use to sit, relax, cool off, and even take quick naps:

MK - Carousel of Progress. One time, I had to be elbowed because I was starting to snore.

Epcot - Ellen's Universe of Energy. This is so-so because the bench seat is too upright and hard. I tend to lean forward, rest my elbows on my thighs, and my head in my hands. I've taken naps this way.

DHS - Great Movie Ride. Get a seat on either end of the bench. That way, you can rest your arm on the side of the vehicle and rest your head in your hand while you snooze.

DAK - nothing similar.



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Our favourite place in Epcot is in the theatre of the French Pavilion. Great movie, really comfy seats, and rarely a crowd.



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we rested at:
MK: cosmic rays and laugh floor
EP: Italy pavilion
HS: rock n roll rollercoaster area benches, Beauty and Beast show

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My favourite spots to have a rest are:

MK - Town Square Theater in a wooden rocker (just like mikesteffen)

EPCOT - Rose & Crown Pub

MGM - Tune in Lounge


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I've written a couple of articles about attractions to relax on over the past year, it may be my favorite series. mickey
I'm looking forward to checking out the new Rapunzel rest area at MK, though the seats don't look all that comfy.
I think that my favorite place of all for a break is probably the American Adventure at Epcot.

Here are those articles:

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Places we've used to rest

MK - Tom Sawyer Island
Epcot - UK pavilion, there's some benches at the far end quite near a CM gate. We were sitting there when Mary Poppins appeared and she came straight over to us awesome
AK - The 'secret' paths down by the tree of life are always a quiet respite. We enjoy seeing some of the carvings close up. Can't remember if there are any benches to sit on though.
HS - can't think of any



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Rest? At Disney World?

Okay. I'll rest a bit on the bus/car from the park to the resort. And I'll rest in bed overnight. Beyond that, I can rest when I get back home.

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Best ever is Hall of Presidents. Those seats are SO comfy...and there's the a/c when it's hot. And it's dark. I may or may not have taken a little snooze in there a couple of times.


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We actually like to sit just across from the Sci Fi Dinner in that seating area and listen to the theme songs while drinking a coffee from the Writers Stop.

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Loved the articles Kristen K. I will print them out for my next trip.