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Pop Century

Hello all,

I am looking for advise. My hubby and I are planning a trip on Nov 9-15. (21Days!) I have a preferred room. I am planning on using the Unofficial Guide to request a king bed. They don't have one on Disney. Have you try this? Does it work?


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I've used TouringPlans to request a room before. It is kind of 50/50 on whether it works. It all depends on what is available and how helpful the CM is that is assigning rooms. Saratoga I got my exact room request where as at All Star Sports I requested an adjoining room to my in-laws and it was not granted. However, when we checked in I asked the CM at the front desk if she had any adjoining rooms available and she worked for about 10 minutes moving stuff around and was able to find us some rooms right next to each other and even had a connecting door. So clearly they had it available, but still didn't grant the request. At Pop I requested a lake view room in the 50s building. When I checked in they did note that they saw the request but didn't have any lake view available but they had put me as close to the lake as possible which was fine with me.

So I guess my answer is, yes sometimes BUT requests are never guaranteed. If your request isn't granted, still ask at the front desk and they will usually do whatever they can to accommodate you.

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You can request one; but as Allie said, they are not guaranteed. Most king rooms in value resorts have accessible bathrooms. It would also depend if they have requests for those rooms during the time you are there.


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I'll add another voice into that give it a try but don't expect it choir. Requests are all subject to the needs of the business first, and if there is even a room free. Disney runs at a very high occupancy rate.

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Pop doesn't have a ton of king beds as well. I think it's 1 or 2 per building.

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I didn't get my King request when I stayed there at the end of my last trip, but I didn't mind too much as I was more after a place to stay than having a king sized bed to sleep in. Worth asking but don't be too upset if they can't accommodate the request.


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