Pre Trip: November Double Birthday

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Pre Trip: November Double Birthday

In the 60 day window, Fast Passes booked & ADR's are locked in. All that's left is to pack the bags and get our butts to the kingdom.

Day 1: Early afternoon arrival, check in, MK & dinner at Whispering Canyon
Day 2: AM MK, PM EP & dinner at Coral Reef
Day 3: HS & dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe
Day 4: AM MK, PM EP & dinner at Chefs de France
Day 5 (my son's birthday): AM HS, PM EP & dinner at Hacienda de San Angel
Day 6 (my daughter's birthday): Check out, AM MK, PM departure

Last trip with the kids we skipped HS & did a day at AK. This time they feel like there is nothing new to see, so skipping AK and spending time at HS. Looking forward to making lots of family memories.

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yay Sounds awesome! We must have both been on MDE at the same time!!!!!! Look out November! yay


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Sounds great, hope you got all the fastpass you wanted clapping

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awesome We had a fantastic dinner at Coral Reef last week! MMMM

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sounds great