Preliminary planning

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Preliminary planning

Well, I'm down to only 17 days before I make my ADRs, and my students are taking a test right now, so I'm kicking around some ideas. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my super duper preliminary plans...

Friday: arrive later in evening, check in at AoA for one night...chill out/explore the new resort/grab food oop there

Sat: send our bags over to OKW, head to ESPN to pickup my race packet, head to DD for lunch and shopping - use DDP for lunch. Head back to OKW, get our room, take a nap/rest before race. Race is at 10pm. I'm still debating sticking around for the after-race's an extra $75 for DH to hang with me, so.... (thoughts on that? It goes late, but we'll have the time change advantage)

Sun (our actual anniversary): golf in the morning (it's DH's only wish!), Epcot for the rest of the day - F&W booths using snack credits, 1QS meal in there. I'm also thinking about a wine seminar that day. That night, private dessert & wine party (or dinner, depending on my budget!) at the Grand Floridian. muchlove

Mon: Breakfast at Olivia's (1 TS), parks (probably AK) with lunch at Flame Tree or Yak & Yeti CS. Dinner at the Brown Derby (2 TS) and EMH and Fantasmic at HS.

Tues: Parks, Lunch in park (1 QS), dinner at California Grill (last night)

Wed: Breakfast (snack credit) and Lunch (1QS - maybe BoG?) out in the parks until we leave late that afternoon.

I guess I'm wondering if the DDP will be worth it...we want a couple signature experiences. Otherwise, we would only go to one and probably just wing it the rest of the time with counter service.

Somewhere in there will be the epic get together of all the runners/anniversary celebrators who will be down! clapping

Or any other ideas are welcome! Smile


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Other people disagree, but when I'm at Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival, that is ALL I eat. There's just too much good, good stuff at the festival booths not to try as much as possible. A CS lunch or TS dinner would just limit the festival goodies I could eat.

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Last year we had the DDP and it was way too much food. So this year doing the Dining + . I really wish though there was a Dining plan between the 2. Like last year we will be there during the F&W Fest and didn't get to try as much of the little goodies they offer because we had so much food.