Rides that are in the wrong parks

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Rides that are in the wrong parks

Something ZapperZ said over on the Wishes vs. Illuminations thread made me think of this topic. The quote was:

The spirit of international brotherhood and people from different
nationalities and cultures coming together in harmony just doesn't work
at the Magic Kingdom. The World Showcase lagoon is the only place in
WDW where this firework fits in perfectly.

This reminded me of a fleeting thought I had a couple of weeks ago about rides that are in the wrong parks at WDW. For instance, I think It's a Small World belongs in Epcot, and Monsters Inc. should be in the Studios, and the Jungle Cruise should be in Animal Kingdom.

Are there any rides that you think, theme-wise, belong in a different park than the one they're in?



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Ooh good question!

Carousel of Progress seems like an Epcot-y kind of thing, as does the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (I think the model they take you by is Walt's original vision for EPCOT, no??!?).

CoP is in the MK because of its connection to Walt, surely, but Epcot rides seem to be about "progress," and the progression of society, transportation, etc... all of which is incorporated into CoP.


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Great question. Monsters Inc makes even more sense in DHS now that they have the "Pixar" theme going on over there. I'm torn on Jungle Cruise in the AK because it's such a classic, but it would add some more variety to that park and a bit of humor. Pirates could actually move to DHS now that it's so movie inspired, but I like it where it is. Plus Adventureland would be pretty lame without it. Several of the shows in MK could move to DHS as well.

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Mission:Space would fit perfectly in Tomorrowland at MK for it's space theme. In fact, there was previously a "spaceship to Mars" attraction in Tomorrowland.

There have also been other "flight" simulators in Tomorrowland (If You Had Wings, Dreamflight) , and so Soarin' would fit in there as well. But I think Soarin' fits in best at Disney's California Adventure where it currently resides. It fits at The Land too.

The American Adventure works where it is, but it'd also fit in at Liberty Square. By the same token, I guess Hall of Presidents would fit in at the American Adventure too.

I agree that Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is kind of out of place in Tomorrowland and would fit in well at DHS. It's Tough to be a Bug, while it does work at DAK, could fit in at DHS too, but without it's Tree of Life setting of course.

And I'm half kidding about this one, but wouldn't Aladdin's Magic Carpets work at the Morrocco Pavillion at Epcot? The mood doesn't fit the pavillion but the theme sure does.


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I think the Seas with Nemo and friends should be in fantasyland, or DHS. Keep EPCOT for the grownups.

Also Enchanted Tiki room Under new management should be in DHS because it's all about Hollywood Sleaziness, Cheapening a historical Icon, and making a buck.

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Imagineer wrote:

I agree that Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is kind of out of place in Tomorrowland and would fit in well at DHS.

I think this is a great idea. It might even get more play if it were in DHS. I'm not sure what it's doing in tomorrowland.

I also have always wondered if Journey into your imagination should be in the MK. The pyramid structure wouldn't work there aesthetically, but if there was a different ride building... Then again, maybe that's too much of an "self-improvement" message instead of a "fairytale" message...