Rumor of the decade.

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Rumor of the decade.

We took a taxi on Tues. to the supermarket for supplies and a couple of Powerball tickets, (didn't win). Sad On the return trip, the taxi driver in the course of conversation told us how this was going to be the last year for Disney's Magical Express. When I questioned him as to why, he proceeded to tell me (with a straight face mind you) that Disney was in the process of building a monorail line from the airport direct to Disney..... I had such a hard time to keep a straight face and not bust out laughing that I have bite marks all over my tongue. Anyone else have a better or more preposterous rumor. And just how do these silly rumors get started.


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BAHAHAHA! I can't even begin to think what that would cost to build.

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I have to wonder if he somehow got the light rail trail they're talking about in Anaheim confused. Or the proposal to build a monorail in Atlanta? How odd.

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Absurd. Getting rid of DME is in the realm of possibility. I can see some bean counter figuring out how they could make money off getting rid of DME, and they will literally do anything for more money. But they can't even keep the monorail they have running.


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Just Wow! What some people will say. I think the last time they did an estimate for what it would cost to expand the monorail it was like 2 million dollars per beam.

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Isn't Florida building a train to go from Orlando to Miami? I bet that is the root of this one.

I doubt we see any ME changes but...Disney could easily transport more people from the airport closer to the bubble in a more Walt centric way. Moving from buses to trains could lower the labor pool slightly which is always a bean counters happy place. Freeing up the existing roads protects the status of the current infrastructure. Really Universal should attempt to launch a hog warts express to lure more guests to their resort.


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Awww...a monorail from MCO to WDW? That's cute. laugh


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