Season of Disney - Travel Channel new shows coming?

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Season of Disney - Travel Channel new shows coming?

Has anyone heard if the Travel Channel will be updating their Disney Parks series to reflect the New Fantasyland and other changes? I LOVE those shows and am bummed they haven't aired any new Disney related programs in 3 years.....GRRR!

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I agree! I absolutely love watching the Disney shows....they have shown one on one of Disney's many other channels a recently updated one about Magic Kindom as it does mention New Fantasyland, but the way I see it, the more Disney Parks shows the better! mickey


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I haven't heard anything recently, but I'm not always up on when things air.

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A couple months ago Destination America did a Disney week with new specials that included New Fantasyland and a cruise line special that included the Fantasy. The one that included New Fantasyland took us through a virtual ride through of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride and how the imagineers came up with some of the ride aspects. Not sure if they will air on Travel Channel.

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I love those Travel Channel shows, too! They always make me so happy! Smile

The shows you watched sound great, Mandy! What's Destination America? I would LOVE to have a virtual ride through of the Mine Train!

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Nancy, Destination America is under the Discovery Channel umbrella.

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I just posted the latest Destination video under the Avatar post. mickey