Seven dwarves mine train

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Seven dwarves mine train

Yay! Another reason for a happy dance yay Just heard that they have added the ride video to memory maker for this ride, with this and tower of terror I'm delighted. I definitely think the price of the memory maker is worth it and that is before the videos. Now I'm even happier to have purchased this.

Anyone that's going now/ soon can you please report back how well this service is working please?

Thank you.

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I also did a happy dance at this aswell we have never used memory maker before this trip but I leave in 4 days and by next Wednesday will have rode this ride for the first time so hopefully by this time next week I should be able to provide a description of how well its working and how easy it is for a first time user!!!
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I'm leaving tomorrow. Its only me and DP but I got the Memory Maker. I for sure will let you know how it pans out!

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Cool! Pretty sure we're going to get Memory Maker for my daughter's first trip next year so this is awesome!