Skyliner Resort Now Have Limited Bus Service

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Skyliner Resort Now Have Limited Bus Service

According to this article "Bus service for Disney's Pop Century, Disney's Riviera Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, and the Art of Animation Resort will now depart to and from EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios only once per hour."

Once per hour!?! Oh I do not like this, not that Disney cares what I like, but this absolutely changes my mind about staying at any of these resorts. I might be fussy about every half hour, but would still stay, however once an hour really takes extra planning. This is now a huge "do not stay here" recommendation from me for guests with fear of heights.

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I don't blame them for this change especially if they were sending buses every 20-30 minutes with no one on the bus. With that being said, I think once an hour is a bit long especially for those who do not want to utilize the skyliner.

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I'm not really surprised they are moving this way since the whole point of adding the skyliner was to reduce the need for as many buses. However, I really wish they would get the skyliner running smoothly before cutting back... waiting