Star Tours Media Grand Opening Morning Preview

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Star Tours Media Grand Opening Morning Preview


I'm back (and awake now) and ready to share!!

So last night I went to bed about 740p but I didnt sleep a wink! Got up at 1a to shower and get ready to head down to Disneyland for the Media Morning preview for Star Tours that I signed up for. I was excited so it didnt bother me that I didnt sleep.

We got down to Anaheim at about 3am (we had to be there by 4) so we hit a very empty Dennys that is across the street. After that we found the CM parking lot, jumped on the CM bus to the park and after a slight hitch at the CM entrance, we were taken backstage! The Security guard escorted us over because we didnt know where we were going (since we work at the Disney Store and not Disneyland).. he was really nice and gave us a mini-tour! We met the coordinator and he said we just had to play the waiting game.. he said the StarSpeeder the others were waiting in was full, so we just waited in the CM break cafeteria that's behind Main Street (which is right next to Star Tours and Space Mountain)

Around 5am they called us in and placed us in our seats.. they had cameras mounted to a few seats, and lights in the 4th row to light the people sitting there. They used us to fill in the seats so the Starspeeder looked full during the interviews. I was seated on the right side (near a very expensive and important looking electrical box with all kinds of wires and such) in the 4th row. So I had this media light right in my face but I didnt mind. They brought the "talent" in, which was 1 interviewer and 1 interviewee. We were told to just enjoy the ride.. cheer and ooh and ahhh and scream and such whenever we wanted!

So the 1st interview was for some local spanish station and they talked through the whole ride but we just enjoyed the ride! It was pretty cool! When the ride ended, they switched out the talent and it was a local morning show from Bakersfield, CA that had a live feed to their show. After that ride ended, they asked if we were ok to go again.. a couple people got off but I stayed! The next ride was for another spanish station. I stayed again after that and it was for a webcast episode (not sure what site) After that 4th ride, they switched us out with a new group and I went back into holding.

About 15 min later they switched us back in, and I rode 3 more times. This time in the front row. After ride 7 I was just about done lol.. kinda wobbly and a lil dizzy (Kashyyyk is very.. sweeping and that one really made me dizzy after ride #4) so I told them I was done. Besides, it was 8am by then and I was ready to go into the park ONstage!

So we left our backstage area and went to the CM only store (Company D) but they didnt have their Star Tours merchandise back in yet. So we went into the park and saw the 4hour line for Star Tours and decided that 7 times was enough for one day lol! We went and bought the Annual Passholder Opening Day pins then found our other Star Tours Merchandise goodies!

opening day tee shirt
and a Stitch as Yoda hologram (numbered limited edition size of 2011 with Opening Day release on packaging), R2D2 stein that our dessert came in, Darth Vader (annual passholder) reusable cup, Darth Vader/StormTrooper hand carved pill box(?) thingy, and a Donald Duck as Han Solo in carbonite hand carved pill box(?)thingy

After shopping and lunch we went on the Jungle Cruise and the Disneyland Railroad and decided to head home. It was about 1230 and we'd been there 9hours on no sleep! We didnt bother going on over to DCA for Mermaid and Goofy's Fly School because that line was 4hours as well.. I"ll just catch those another day. Also, I didnt go try that new bar at the hotel either.. I was soooo tired!!
It was an awesome day though!!

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ooh I forgot to say that after the 7 rides, I can proudly say I have been to all of the destinations.. but I stil havent seen all of the different events.

Also.. of all the 9 times I've been on the ride, NO RIDE WAS EXACTLY THE SAME!! awesome!!


Death Star

I think Hoth was my favorite!! and Coruscant definitely came up the LEAST amount of times.. with Naboo coming up the most

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Stitch...................................................................... jealous......................................................................

BUT AWESOME! Glad you enjoyed it!


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you guys HAVE to see this!!!


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Sounds awesome. Glad you had a great time Smile


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That sounds so awesome! How did you sign up for this?


mickey Bella

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That is super cool!! I'm glad you had a great time!


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sounds like a great day