Top 5 MUST DOs

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Top 5 MUST DOs

I have friends heading back to WDW for the first time since their honeymoon there in the early 80s! No kids, and they don't drink. There's so much to do, but what are the top 5 things they MUST do, in your opinion, after such a long absence? They're active and in their 60s, and will be heading down in April.


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My top 5 would be, and in no particular order.
1- Ride Soarin.
2- Dinner at Jiko.
3- Ride Toy Story Mania.
4- Go on Characters in Flight at DTD.
5- See Illuminations at Epcot.


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I would say
Ride Soarin
Ride Splash Mountian
Eat at California Grill
See Fantasmic
Really take the time to explore Animal Kingdom

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California grill at fireworks time. Window seat preferred!
Splash mountain
Pirates of the Caribbean
Walk around world showcase
Kilaminjaro safari


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OOo, fun!!! Mine would be:

1. Soarin'
2. Rock n Roller Coaster
3. Tower of Terror
4. What Ollie & scrappy said - CA grille, preferably during Wishes
5. Illuminations

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Taking their age into account, I'm going to go with the following:

Dine at the California Grill
Walk around World Showcase taking the time to really explore each country
Soarin' (definitely)
Magic Kingdom - Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Splash Mountain
Main Street Electrical Parade


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Haven't been since the 80's huh? Kinda hard to just pick 5 with 30 some years of no Disney.... hmmmmmmmm......

1. Showcase, Showcase, Showcase
2. Boat from Showcase at Epcot to Hollywood Studios, and get off at every stop and check out the Boardwalk and so on...
3. Wishes
4. Ohana
5. Extra Magic Hours at night for the Magic Kingdom


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1. Spend at least one day in each of the four parks.
2. Ride Toy Story Mania.
3. Ride Test Track.
4. See Fantasmic.
5. Eat at Boma.