Travel Tip and question....

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Travel Tip and question....

I got this tip several years ago from some website that I was on and it is a good one.

When traveling, if you don't want to fool with ironing your clothes you should do the following.

Take a long a small spray bottle and a bit of fabric softener. Mix a small amount of fabric softener with water (probably 10-1 water to FS) in the spray bottle.

You can take this mixture and spray a VERY heavily wrinkled item and the wrinkles will just fall out of them.

This has worked for us time and time again over many trips.

Now, my question to you is this: Does anyone know of a good NON-SCENTED fabric softener? I love this procedure, but for an hour or two after I do this on an item of clothing I smell like a walking laundry room. Everything I find around here is "mountain spring" or "summer rain" or some other heavily scented liquid.


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Great tip. Don't they have those "eco-friendly" non-scented versions anywhere? They seem to have them for all other types of soap...




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I just walk around wrinkled.

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I quickly referenced for information on fabric softeners. There is more information there than you would like to know but, near the bottom, it states that the introduction of perfume into fabrics has taken over as the major role in place of actual treatment of the fabrics to reduce wrinkles. Near the beginning of the article it states exactly what the active ingredients are in these formulations. It is my recollection that many hair conditioners include exactly these ingredients. You may want to find a non-scented hair conditioner and experiment with using that in place of fabric softener. I say "experiment" because I offer no guarantees on this. Any chemists out there???? Good luck! FJF

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Hey--that's a great idea (on both counts!).

Also...this one might be unscented:

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Probably anything that helps mask my smell is a good thing.

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I like downy wrinkle release LOL


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