Under The Boardwalk..

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Under The Boardwalk..

Good Morning Folks...Well as the weekend draws near,and my DW packs our suitcase for a wee valentine weekend break in Glasgow..My thoughts are on food ( Whits new eh ) So I've booked a first class restaurant for our valentine meal..But here's my question..I love the smell in the morning from a bakery..And I used to love having a early morning coffee at Main Street bakery with a cinnamon bun ( sad ) But I've never tried the Boardwalk Bakery and was wondering what your opinions on it are.?Is it worth sailing across or have you any other Bakeries that you enjoy at WDW.?

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Love the Boardwalk Bakery! Great chocolate croissants and other yummy treats. Coffee is good too.

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Looking forward to trying it when we stay at the Beach Club in November yay


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I have found it to be excellent.


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I once went before it was renovated and wasn't overly impressed however it looks from pictures I have seen to be completely different to when I saw it so it defiantly on my must do list as the boardwalk is such a beautiful place

I would say give it a try its worth the boat ride!!!!

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It is wonderful!! You will not be disappointed.

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Boardwalk Bakery is awesome...and their cupcakes are great for breakfast too...it's vacation!!!