Very Late Birthday Trip Report

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Very Late Birthday Trip Report

Hello all!

Right, I am so sorry this is so late, but here is it, the report for my May trip to Disney.

I last went to Disney as a child, but wanted to take my partner with me to experience it for my 27th birthday - we had an AMAZING time Smile

Some photos are here: Smile

The brilliant :
Flying Fish Cafe! Oh my GOD we had the wine pairing dinner and it was truly the best thing ever - we didn't mean to book it (I went to concierge at Port Orleans and asked if anything was free, and they said a table was free at Flying Fish- we got there and we were booked into the chefs table - A M A Z I N G.

The Awful :
La Cellier - really rude waiter, really over busy and rushed and the food was really not great. Boo. Really was looking forward to it - such a let down.

Everything else though - so lovely. Star Wars Weekend was mad but brilliant. Having dinner on the Boardwalk then having to walk through Epcot to get to the buses while the park was closed - spooky but amazing. All just brilliant Smile

I'm not sure how to do a trip report, but am keen to natter about my experiences Smile


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Ocarina were all breathlessly awaiting youre report and it it very simple. Just tell us all about your trip and what happened and include plenty of pictures. waiting wink


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I checked out your did the dole whip go over?

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The seafood plate looks delicious! You may have seen me at Studios. I was often giving the stormtroopers a hard time.

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Great pictures and I'm looking forward to your report! Sorry you had a sour experience at Le Cellier sad