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*Waves hello*

Joined this site today mickey . I am in what lately seems to be the destructive tornado capital of the world-Oklahoma. We are planning a WDW trip for week of March 16, 2014-the "we" being parents and 2 adult offspring. My son graduated from college a couple years ago and my daughter will graduate in 2014 so it will be sort of a graduation present type trip for them both. We were in WDW back in 2002 but my daughter didn't want to ride the big "thrill" rides then but she does now-lol-and my son didn't ride that many then either so they both are getting a second chance at them! silly I have been doing what "pre-planning" I can ever since the trip date was less than a year away (my family thinks I am cuckoo of course) but just want this to be the best trip ever! We will be staying offsite as the accommodations onsite are too expensive for 4 adults since we will need a place that has 3 beds in it (1 for parents and 1 for each offspring) plus my daughter really wants to go to that OTHER theme park for one day and the offsite hotel has free shuttle rides to both parks. The plan is one day at each WDW park and one day at the OTHER theme park. We figure that is doable for 4 adults since we can skip "kiddie" rides and shows. Even though we will be going during a Spring Break week which probably means big park crowds, the weather should be cooler than the summer would be so we think it will be easier too tolerate big crowds and still be able to enjoy ourselves (especially with no wee ones to factor in the equation). I know I want a park touring plan but just trying to decide whether to shell out the $11.95 for touringplan.com or just try to come up with one myself-and how soon to start doing this!. Take care all. awesome

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Well Hello Jay! yay clapping laugh welcome welcome welcome to WDWForGrownups! Glad to have ya here. Yes the destruction is terrible, and I can't even imagine what people are going through there. Well I'm sure we can help you out with any questions or concerns you may have, and don't worry about your family, they will see why you do what you do when they have an awesome vacation because of your planning !!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay clapping awesome mickey

Now just remember this, you wont be able to do everything, nobody can in one trip, I don't care how long you go for, it's not going to happen, you will miss something, or forget something, or just think, "Nah, lets not do that now" and then regret it, just remember to take a break every now and then and sit back and just look at things like, the names on the windows down Main Street, or the detail of the bricks on the Castle, the center of the road going through Liberty Square ( huh, what is that path down the middle of the street?) & why are the shutters sagging in Liberty Square. Just stop and look at the detail now and then & enjoy! biggrin

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Hi Jay and welcome! Thanks for joining yay

For most of us, it's never to early to be planning our next trip! And yours sounds like it will have the makings of some great family memories across 3 generations! Now that's awesome.

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Hi and welcome! I've been planning my next trip since over 2 years out so no shame here! Have a spectacular time planning and I can't wait to hear more about it as the plans unfold!

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Welcome to the best WDW group around! Like the others have said, its never too early to start planning (at least not around this group)!!!


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(waves back) Hii
I started planning my trip in December 2010
so I guess its never to early, and my trip is almost here!!!!

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welcome I'm planning for my trip in May 2014. Planning is all part of the fun mickey



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It is NEVER too early to plan a trip! I am ALWAYS planning at least one, if not more.



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welcome Jay. We have all planned our trips months and months in advance so don't feel like you are out of the ordinary. We are all Disney obsessed and any reason to plan....well you get the picture. Let us know what your plans and if you have any questions everyone will be more than happy to help.

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Hi! jay58sea and yay (that's me waving back at you) and welcome to our friendly group. So glad you found us here in our little corner of Disney. As you can tell we all agree with you that it is never too early to start planning.


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Welcome Jay!


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Hey Jay!

Looking forward to hearing about your plans! mickey


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Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! awesome Latest update-think we are going to fly out of Dallas as the rates are much cheaper than anywhere around here and may add one more day to the trip as a result-woohoo!-lol clapping ..and as you can see my name is Jack-jay is just my online "nom de plume" silly

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Howdy, Jack!

We're glad to have you aboard!

Very sorry about all of the terrible systems that have been coming through OK lately. You guys are such a strong bunch; I know you'll be back on your feet very soon!!

And, no, it's NEVER to early to start planning a trip! For a spring break vacay, though, you may want to consider a touring plan. What I always do is buy the latest edition of the Unofficial Guide to WDW, which also includes some decent info about Universal, and then you'll get a discount to the online touring plans, which are amazing, imho.

Best of luck in your planning stages and let us know if we can help...TONS of helpful noggins around here!! Smile