WDWFG Round-up 12/8 through 12/13/2014

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WDWFG Round-up 12/8 through 12/13/2014

It's come to my attention recently that not everyone knows there's more to Walt Disney World for Grown-ups than the forums! WHAT you say!? I know, it's shocking! eek

As a way to bring a little attention to the great stories we have going up all week long on our Home Page I'll be posting a weekly round-up of articles that we've featured the week before. You won't miss a bit of the latest Disney information. Feel free to click the articles in the list of links below, take a look, post a comment, discuss all the Disney fun our writers are sharing with you 6 days a week.

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Thanks for all these great articles Kristen! I do read them. There is just so much going on - it makes me just want to be there, no matter how often I get to go.


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