New Christmas Decorations in MK

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New Christmas Decorations in MK

So it looks like they have changed the Christmas decorations on Main Street U.S.A.

For reference this is what they used to look like

As someone who has not been at Christmas it doesn't affect me greatly but I know a lot of people are up in a tizzy about the changes. But I think change is good! Keeps things fresh year after year.. So what do you guys think? For me just seeing the decorations makes me wish it was 2015 so I could be there! Christmas is my favorite season and to spend it at Disney must be magical muchlove


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The new wreaths are pretty but I'm going to miss the garland. They had to remove it because of the Malificent Dragon. WDW at Christmas is my favorite time of year! We are going for Thanksgiving again this year so I am excited to see these new decorations in person!

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These new decorations are horrible. Why not do what Japan, Hong kong and paris do and just run the Christmas parade at 3pm everyday for free instead of the regular day time parade... I know I know they need to sell hard tickets but they could do a christmas electric light parade for that. TAking the garlands away just looks cheap

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It's because of the fire from the Dragon at the 3pm parade, the clockwork/steampunk Maleficent that has done it. Not seen it in real life (either version) but I would personally take out the Dragon for the season and keep the old style decs.

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I've never been a fan of the aesthetics of the garland. I don't like being able to see the wires, I think the quality of the garland appears cheap, and I don't like that it blocks the castle. I muchlove the new decorations!


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That's a good point Alice the castle view does seem to be blocked, I just don't think this is the answer, just from a design angle of course

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I have to see the new set-up lit up at night to tell which I prefer. I know that I love the fire-breathing dragon. It's massive and awesome. I would love to see that in a nighttime parade.

There have been times I found the garland annoying. As I find the flagpole annoying after the flags come down. A telescoping flag pole would be nice.

They always took down that garland for the Christmas TV show, if you'll notice.


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Big fan of the steampunk dragon... clapping

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I like the new ones better.

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I like the change. I am very excited to see them lit at night.

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I LOVE the dragon. And I think the new decorations are nice. I like the unobstructed view of the castle.


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I think that they were both pretty and that these new hanging arms offer them and opportunity to change it up in the future. I (personally) like it when they change up the decorations, the same old thing every year gets boring.

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I was thinking about this because last Thursday we were at MK and while I noticed the Christmas decorations, I didn't notice that they were different.

But in retrospect I'm glad they're different. We were wandering through the Main Street shops early that evening and heard the castle lighting show begin as we left one shop. We stopped in the street to watch - we could hear but not see the stage show, but we saw all of the castle effects and of course were awed by the lights. Then I took photos from both the middle of Main Street and down at the end by the train station. Neither our view of the castle or those photos would be very good at all if those garlands had still been hanging across the street.

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I personally LOVE the new look! The old garlands were too much for me, I think the wreaths on the side looks much cleaner but just as festive!

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And the fire breathing dragon won't catch everything on fire!! eek