We Finally Have A Date!

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We Finally Have A Date!

Hi Guys

I'm still pretty new, and haven't posted much, but I wanted (no needed) to share the news that we have finally set a date to return to the land of the Mouse yay yay yay

We'll be flying out from the UK on 14th October 2012, and returning gaah on the 4th November - 3 whole weeks in the place we love so much.

I haven't been to Orlando since 2010, and haven't been to Disney since 2007, so to say I'm excited is a complete understatement.

There will be me, my parents and 1 (possibly 2) of my Nephews going. The youngest being either 16 or 19 at the time of travel, and we are all so excited.

We've sorted accommodation out - a villa on Vista Del Lago on the 192. My parents used to own their own holiday home here, and we spent many a happy holiday there. We're getting quotes on everything else now, the one proving to be difficult is the flights - so expensive for direct, so we'll probably book indirect. We're also going to hire 2 cars, as its possible that the boys and I (or even just I) will want to do stuff that the parents dont want to and vice versa.

We'll be having a family meeting soon to discuss park tickets, a beach/city break during the holiday and things we would all like to do.

Need to get some serious saving underway now!

Gill x


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yay yay yay awesome awesome yay yay yay

Nothing like setting a date! Now you have something to look forward to!


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Great news! be sure to keep us posted on all the details as they occur.


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Wohoo! Three whole weeks?! I'm very jealous! Great idea on renting two cars if you're staying off property so that everyone can vacation the way they want to. We went this past October and it was a great time to be in the World....hardly any lines!

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yay yay yay


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Whoo hoo! Great time of year to be going Gill! muchlove

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Great news Gill 2013 sounds good already

Reading everyone's posts just keeps reminding me how much I love my family holidays in Disney and other places just are not as appealing!!
Knowing what you're going to puts a great smile on your face for sure yay


x Karen x