We're Back!!

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We're Back!!

HI Kids!!

We got back last night.. our flight was delayed 4 times.. for a total of 2 hours Sad
we had a great time, and I'm pretty tired! Also, had to go back to work today! boooo

Will have pictures and a trip report ASAP!!

oh my goodness I have so much catching up to do here!!!

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Welcome back! yay


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Woohoo! Welcome back. Sorry to hear about the flight delays, that doesn't sound like any fun. I am really looking forward to your TR and photos!


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Welcome back, DD! Cannot wait to hear and see all about it!

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Welcome back DD. Glad to here you had a great time! Waiting for the report, waiting

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Just wanted to add my welcome back to the others.


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Welcome Back Sunshine, did you get to hit up Lush at the airport?


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Glad you're home safely. Also glad those flight delays weren't any worse. Can't WAIT to hear all about your trip!


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Welcome back Smile can't wait to hear all about it Smile


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Boo flight delays! However...yay!! You are back..it probably went to fast for you but we are all glad you're back to share it with us!


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Welcome back! Can't wait to hear!

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Welcome back! yay