What the What? Disney fixing an issue with MDE I was unaware of...

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What the What? Disney fixing an issue with MDE I was unaware of...

I got a phone call from the other family we are traveling with Oct. 10-17

She was on the phone with mickey Disney IT because she had been having trouble linking up the Memory Maker to her account that I had purchased for my family. sarcastic

Anyway, the rep noticed on my account, family of 4, that my two children were being managed by "Eric" and not by "You".

The Disney rep, through conference speaker, explained to me that for some glitch in the system I had two (2) accounts under the same email and that somehow all of the actions I had been providing for my children, particularly FastPasses, were being governed under this alleged account.

That even though I was updating times and attractions of Fastpasses for my two children. It was not I, Eric, who truly had them linked to my account fully.

She said that when we go to WWD this October, the Magic Bands will not have any of their FP+ rides linked. She said that I would have to go to guest relations and sit and wait for up to six hours for this problem to be worked out.

Then she offered a solution.

She told me that one of her best IT people can go into my account now and re route all of my kids Fastpasses to me.

However, there is one major caveat that is just making me want to climb the roof.

All of the FastPasses that are hard to get (Anna&Elsa, 7D, etc.) those are going to be manually registered into their profiles.

Which means they are going to have to override the system and manually enter them because otherwise they would be lost.

This also means that once they put them there, I will not be able to change them or adjust their time accordingly.

Can you believe you are reading this?

I have been told that a IT person is right now rewriting my whole itinerary, having to wipe it clean and start anew.

She said this is the only way to fix this. Otherwise, if it weren't caught, we would have been waiting on our first day at guest relations for hours.

I was told in the next 24 hours I will receive an email saying that my MDE "issue" has been resolved. She then told me to go my MDE and very carefully every single detail. She said that if anything is wrong, out of place, or inaccurate, to call this specific number I was given and let them know. She said she is entering all of her "notes" into the account, so the next person who sees this can assist.

Now that I've vented this fully here are my thoughts?

How did this happen in the first place? How in the system does my first name, not the pronoun "You" tip-off that a major glitch in the system has happened.

I never had any issues with my account, just my friend who was trying to link our accounts so she could bum off my memory maker. Did she cause something to happen?

Why should I have to put up with this? This isn't my fault. I didn't do anything, and now I am looking at serious issues potentially. Its not fair that I am now locked into certain Fastpasses. What if something happens? What if we miss the bus? So many variables that I shouldn't have to worry about with our First Trip To Disney!

I'm not asking for a hand out here, but come on Disney!

Has this happened to anybody? Should I write a letter to Disney? I just feel extremely vulnerable. Not happy. I'm already stressed about this being our first trip. I am afraid to tell my wife what has happened.


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I've had two "serious" issues. My wife and daughter have the same first and last name. You would think this is pretty common. Well it screwed up one trip almost. My daughter had to be re-setup and her itinerary copied to a new MDE identity. But the original MDE identity cannot be deleted for some reason. That was a couple of years ago and I still have an account marked "Do Not Use" on my MDE.

The second glitch happened when I changed a FP+ time and it deleted all my fast passes for the day. We went to the FP+ center across from City Hall in MK and complained (politely) until they agreed to restore all my FPs.

I do not think you will have that much of a problem- the hard to get rides will not be available anyway if you try to change them.

Bottom line: If you are not happy, go to guest services and politely but firmly demand satisfaction. 99% of the time Disney will make you happy.


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We had a glitch on our 2nd MDE-enabled trip. It was very early in the phase where everything was going live and my husband's account suddenly became unable to have any new magic bands linked to it. I spent 4 hours on the phone with Disney tech support over the next month leading up to our third trip with MDE to fix the problem. It turns out that I had a ghost account and even though I logged in with my email address only on MDE, because I had an account at other disney brand websites that used my typical user ID, the information somehow got crossed in the system. Half of my info was on my real account and half was on the "ghost" account. I thought it was fixed and then just about two month ago, I suddenly had tickets disappear off of my MDE account and it turns out that they somehow got transferred to that ghost account again. Disney's interaction with technology is frustrating at best. It think that they are really working to make their systems better, but they're faster at building parking garages than they are at making their tech work with their user interfaces.


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The Colonel wrote:
Bottom line: If you are not happy, go to guest services and politely but firmly demand satisfaction. 99% of the time Disney will make you happy.

Absolutely. Be polite, but do let them know how this is effecting you and your view of the system. They will work with you and do their best to make it right.

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We've spent much quality time with cast members due to the duplicate account issue. We've gotten $$$ credit and super fast passes for our troubles. If you ask for the paper ones you can give them to people. I'd rather some kids go see Anna & Elsa than me shedding 15 mins off my wait time on some thing I've done 50 times.

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My boyfriend and I were part of the pilot at Art of Animation two years back and we had some serious issues. We booked the trip through a third party (Expedia... uh), and as they have with every single reservation I've ever made with them, they screwed up my name. As a result the Magicband that was ordered for my MDE account and the one that was ordered for my hotel reservation were under two different names.

As a result, when we arrived, there were two Magicbands with my name on them. The cast member at the desk explained that both appeared to be identical - just one had my middle name on it as my last name instead of my actual last name. Picking the one that I knew for sure Disney had provided thanks to the hotel reservation and being well assured there would be no further issues, we carted off the to room and settled in.

Fast forward to the following morning - we hop on the bus and head to MK, leaving plenty of time for our noon ADR at Liberty Tree. Get to the gates and surprise surprise - my tickets aren't on the band. I should have known better, but the ticket was locked in the safe in the room. Back to the hotel we go, grab the ticket and hurry to the guest service desk. After two hours at the desk and more assurances that things were good to go, we headed back to the park. We missed our ADR, but at least it wasn't toooo late in the day. We got to the gates aaaaand... Still not attached.

From that point forward I just used the paper ticket instead of the band for the remainder of the trip.

No problems since then though - so I'm sorry to hear about your issues so late into the program Sad


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