Where to eat at DHS???? 50's prime time cafe or Mama Melrose!!

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Where to eat at DHS???? 50's prime time cafe or Mama Melrose!!

So, We're less than two weeks away from our 9-day Mardi Gras trip to Disney and am now looking for a place to eat on one of our days at Hollywood Studios.. I need y'alls help on this one... Give me your recommendation and why awesome

50's Prime Time Cafe or Mama Melrose... I'm leaning towards Mama Melrose since my mother-in-law is joining us and is of Italian descent, but she is a child of the 50's, so that may appeal to her as well. Bottom line is, which place has the better food, service and theming... awesome

Thanks for y'alls help..

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We are trying Mama Melrose's on our upcoming trip. We didn't find anything special about 50's Prime Time. The food was mediocre and the service was among the worst we had at any Disney restaurant. The theming is fun but if you get a "dud" server it's not as fun.


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I vote for 50's on theming and food. I thought MM's food was just mediocre. My grandparents were born in Italy & she made amazing Italian food and my mother cooks all my grandmother's recipes. So I am extra critical of Italian restaurants. I know many people love MM, but I've had much better Italian food.

At 50's I had the fried chicken and DH had Mom's sampling of fried chicken, pot roast and (I think) meatloaf. We both really enjoyed our meals. The decor is fun too. It was just us two adults dining. We smiled and laughed when our server did the pretend family bit, but that's all the interaction we wanted with the bit. She was respectful and didn't do much of it with us. The other servers seemed interactive and playful with the people that were excited about the attention.

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We love 50s Prime Time! Great food and great atmosphere.

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I've not been to 50's Prime Time yet but we LOVED Mama Melrose when we went in November! I went in not expecting much but it really wowed us. For Joe and I it was the best meal of our trip!

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I've never been to MM so I cannot comment on that restaurant, but I've been to 50's twice and the first time was amazing because we had an awesome server, the second time was absolutely terrible. The server will either make it or break it for you. It's worth trying once. Regardless of the server and experience, the food was great both times!