Which res should I cancel?

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Which res should I cancel?

Our trip is fast approaching!! I had all of our dining mapped out but I was finally able to secure a Akershus reservation this morning. So, I need to cancel another one. My choices are Chef Mickey's, 50's Prime Time, or Cape May. The only one we have been to is Cape May (my daughter has not been there).

Chef Mickey's is a 2:05 reservation, so it wouldn't hurt my feelings to cancel this one because of nap time.
50's Prime Time is a dinner res and we have a lunch res that day as well.
Cape May is a breakfast the morning we leave.

What would you do?


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I would cancel Chef Mickey's. I love a Character meal, but I am just not a fan of this one.

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I agree with Kristen on this, Chef Mickeys was a once and done for us.

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I agree with Kristen and Scrappy, I would cancel Chef Mickey..........bon appetit date

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Yup agreed. You'll hit a lot of the same characters at Cape May that you would at Chef Mickey's and we always prefer Cape May. Plus it will be more fun to visit some place new Smile