Wizarding World Opens June 18th!

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Wizarding World Opens June 18th!

Should be open by the time we get there in Sept/Oct! Sounds like many of us have a trip planned around that time. Will you brave the crowds to try it out on your next trip, or wait until the buzz has died down a bit?

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Next trip for us won't be until at least late 2011 (yes thats an eternity) so hopefully the crowds will have gone by then and any bugs will have been worked out.


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We'd love to try it! Will have to move some ADRs around though!

Tony -- I'm sure they'll still have your perfect magic wand waiting for you when you get there Wink




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We'll have to wait and see how well it is received; but we may make time to check it out in December.

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I'll definitely have it on my plans for the next trip, but I'm very interested to see how it's received after all this hype. My experience with Universal hasn't been wonderful, so I really do hope they get it right this time.