Would You Take A Cruise To Nowhere?

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Would You Take A Cruise To Nowhere?

This year DCL had a 2 day cruise out of NYC that went nowhere. They just departed and went out to sea for two days, then returned to NYC. I loved this idea, and I know that if I had lived in NY I would have been all over that "weekend" Disney fix. However I didn't think it was enough time to make me fly out there to take it. It left me wishing for a 2 day Disney cruise on Lake Michigan. laugh

Would you take a quick cruise to nowhere?

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That would be a pretty good way to find out whether we like to cruise. And we wouldn't have to fly to NYC, so even better.

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Absolutely, especially since like crazycatperson, New York is so close to us.

I'm hoping to get some of my girl friends to do a Disney cruise out of New York in a couple years to celebrate our birthdays all at once. Since our schedules and budgets tend to be tight as it is, a weekend cruise to nowhere would probably be perfect.


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Definitely! I take a cruise for the experience on the boat more then the excursions (they're just an added bonus!) so I definitely would consider this!

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I would consider taking the cruise. I'm not far from NYC. I think it would be a good "introduction" to cruising.


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I have been on a cruise but I would definitely do it. It's just the Disney experience that I would want.

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I'd have done it, being I'm really close to NYC, even work in NY a few days a month, but I was already planning on a DCL cruise, and WDW visit when I found out about it.


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I would and perhaps will if they offer them again.


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I would if it wasn't to expensive


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I really don't know how to answer this. We've done a cruise before, only one and we where very young. We went to Bermuda, it was okay, but it wasn't really our cup of tea at the time. We are not nightclub people and that's about all they really had on the ship for entertainment at the time. To us it seemed like it was all old people on the ship. The food was crazy good though.We had a great trip back in Hurricane Hugo, we had 20 to 25 foot wakes.

If it was a Disney cruise to nowhere, I might try that, but it would have to leave from Phila.