You Can't Make Me!

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You Can't Make Me!

Is there anything at Walt Disney World that you absolutely will not do?

For me it's Aerophile at Disney Springs. I have a huge fear of heights and I just can't bring myself to even attempt this. It would cause an impressive panic attack. I have a feeling that when Skyliner is open that will also go on this list.

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Hall of Presidents. Never have and never will.

Blizzard Beach Summit Plummet. Nope. No way. Never. I have a fear of falling off of otherwise crashing.

Prime Time Cafe - for us it's just say no to interactive dining. laugh

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Astro Orbitor. I have actually done it twice but never again. I hate heights so this was terrible. The only reason I went the second time was I thought it might be better at night. Spoiler alert- it's not!

Hall of Presidents. Just no interest.

Victoria and Alberts. There is just no way I'm spending 3+ hours of my time and $600-$1000 in a restaurant for the two of us. Unless of course, I was dining with the Beatles laugh

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Rock N Roller Coaster. I have tried it twice. Did not like it either time. I can not handle that take off.

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Happily Ever After - WAY TOO crowded and too much going on to see it all properly.


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Flight of Passage. I was sick for 2 hours. Sick NEVER again.


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Mission Space Orange. Did it once and never ever again. I'm not even tempted to do Green, but MAYBE will if I'm ever with someone who really really wants to.

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Star Tours. The motion and images don't connect in my simple brain. Have to close my eyes, and that's no fun. All the other "visual" motion rides are fine. Kills me, because I really like the idea of the ride.