Practical Necessities at Disney World

Maybe it goes without saying, but having access to info about where you're traveling can really come in handy.  Here, we've done our best to include things you might need knowledge of when visiting WDW and the surrounding Orlando, Florida, area.

Travellers ourselves, we know what it's like to be away from home in unfamiliar territory.  Any number of items of need could pop up during your trip; having a "one-stop shop" a handy mouse-click away to gain access to whatever particular travel need you have can really help when staying at or near WDW. 

Want to know where to go if you or a traveling compaion falls ill?  Check our page out.  How about finding a WiFi hot spot, for free?  We've got you covered there, too.  Trying to get from the Pop Century to the World's Largest McDonald's Playland?  Consult our directions source.  Whether this is your first trip to Disney or your twenty-fifth annual trek, take some help from those who have been there and done that.