Disney World Transportation and Tickets

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Disney World Accommodations

Getting to WDW and inside the parks is half the fun (or half the battle, depnding on your point of view) of a Disney vacation.  Though the categories of transportation and tickets seem to be pretty straight forward on the surface, there is a lot of useful info to be had to make planning these two trip essentials go smoothly. 

Maybe you already know how you're getting to the Orlando area but still need to know how to get from your hotel to Cinderella's Castle.  Or perhaps you're still in the beginning phases of planning your stay and are weighing options on how best to get to Florida.  Whatever the case, we've compiled our WDW knowledge on transportation to give you the info you want in one handy stop.

When you get to WDW, you're not going to get much further than the parking lots without tickets.  Knowing what tickets options are available and finding the right kind of tickets for your trip are an essential part your Disney vacation.  Find out the scoop on the Park Hopper option, no expiration option and everything in between here.