Liberty Tree Tavern

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Liberty Tree Tavern

My 9 year old son is obsessed with "The Revolutionary War". He wants to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern the next time we go. Would you recommend lunch or dinner? My family is big on turkey and mashed potatoes. Is there a big difference besides the price? What time is the least crowded to go there?

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Yes! If he's into the Revolutionary War he would like this place! It's not "war" themed per say but it represents the era...they even say.."The Popper family from the colony of..........." when they call your table. The food is wonderful too. We have gone there for lunch and it was great but a ton of food. Perhaps an early dinner would be the best time to go.


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As Bella stated, the food is good. You do get a lot of it too. If you time your dinner right you can walk outside and catch the Parade as it goes by.


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I've only had lunch there. The turkey was delicious. For lunch you get individual servings. Dinner is family style.

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Definitely highly recommended! Like JoAnn said, a la carte at lunch v family style at dinner, so I suppose it comes down to what you prefer. I would lean toward lunch personally. We like to get different things and share tastes in our family, so that would allow you to try more things.


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I agree with Lizzy, I like lunch better but either one is good.