Say What???

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Say What???

There are good pictures, bad pictures, resorts and dining threads, to mention a few. But what about the people we see there? We've all done it...we evesdrop on peoples conversations. And some of the things that come out of peoples mouths is amazing! Stuip questions, stupider answers, generally dumb statements, sometimes humerous, sometimes horrendous.

So why not start a thread about the really bizarre things we've heard? I call it "Say What?" in "You have got to be kidding...they really said that???".

I'll kick it off with one I heard when Donna and I were leaving World Showcase in Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival:

A more than slightly inebriated man was sitting on one of the benches just as you walk in. A couple approached him:

Couple: How long does it take to walk all the way around here?

Inebriated Man: About $136 worth.

OK...I thought it was funny! laugh


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That is funny. I'll have to think about this one.

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"I think we should leave Epcot and go back to Disney World"

From a could with kids while sitting on a bench eating a snack. We laughed.

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From my October '12 traveling companion, said while walking around World Showcase "We should go to Epcot, I haven't been over there."

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Little girl talking to her brother in the hot tub, "it's a shakoozie". Adorable.


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We were riding Universe of Energy and suddenly the ride stopped due to mechanical errors. An announcement came over and said, "Please stay seated while we work to fix the problem. Your car should begin moving momentarily."

A guy sitting a few rows back jumped up and stood in the seat and yelled..."I have to go, I have to leave now, I have a plane to catch." He then proceeded to jump out of the car and try to run through the black curtains. (We were towards the end)

A bunch of Disney people were yelling at him. When we finally got off the ride, he was in cuffs by Disney security. laugh

I have to admit, as a couple without children yet, we always get a giggle seeing kids being brats throwing tantrums and then the parents start bickering about. That's mean, I know. My time will come. biggrin

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oh, this is a GOOD thread! I'll be able to contribute every time we go!
We do the stoopid shoes...that's fun, and we do POD (people of Disney, like People of Walmart) OH the inappropriate and/or unflattering clothes we see, amazing.
We were standing next to 2 cms at the entrance to Haunted Mansion tonight. We found ourselves very entertained by the questions they were being asked, so we stood and listened for a while. "where's the castle?" was a good one, and so was "where can I find a place to buy a sweatshirt for my daughter?" Really? Has to be a moron to not be able to find a GIFTSHOP at Disney!!! (I think we were standing in front of one, and I'm sure they had sweatshirts!)
And don't forget "What time is the 3:00 parade?"
We've also heard people asking if the tram goes to EPCOT, and looking for the monorail in Animal Kingdom. I was looking for their First TIme Visit pin, but didn't see one.



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