MagicBead Artisans Booth at Disney Hollywood Studios

While strolling past the Rockin' Rollercoaster I came across a fun little booth that had rows and rows of bright and colorful beads hanging off of it. Never one to pass up looking at a jewelry store, I had to stop and was delighted at what I found. These fun beads in rainbows of brilliant color are actually Disney Guide Maps and paper products collected from around Walt Disney World that have been turned into fun jewelry!

Walt Disney World Strives to Maintain Walt's Tradition of Environmental Stweardship

Walt Disney believed in careful stewardship of the land so that it would be a source of beauty and wonder for generations to come. A mere six weeks before his death, Walt Disney received an award from the American Forestry Association "for outstanding service in conservation of American resources". His tireless efforts on behalf of the natural world are honored today by the company that he founded by making ground breaking strides in caring for and protecting our natural resources while sustaining the ability to share them with the nation.

Walt Disney World Resort Leads the Way in Florida's Green Lodging

More and more frequently today families are concerned with the environment; they conserve water, recycle cans and papers, drive hybrid cars, and do what ever they can to help make a better world. Even tourism is going green, and more choices are being made for eco-friendly travel. However, relatively few people realize what a strong choice for environmental conservancy they make when traveling with Disney.