24 Hours - What/Where Would You Eat?

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24 Hours - What/Where Would You Eat?

You've got 24 Hours in Disney - Don't worry about ADRs for the sake of this thread assume you can just walk right in. What are you eating and where is it at?

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Here are my picks!

Breakfast - Macadamia Nut Pancakes at Kona Cafe
Snack - Dole Whip at Aloha Isle
Lunch - Tacos at La Cantina
Snack - Grey Goose Citron Slush & a Cheese Plate from France
Dinner - California Grill
Night Caps - Cocktails at the Top of the World Lounge

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Breakfast. No breakfast on the commando plan lol. But a chocolate Danish from France is nice.
Snack. Lobster roll at food and wine
Lunch. Flame tree BBQ at animal kingdom.
Snack. Red velvet cup cake at starring roll. Don't judge me. Lol
Dinner. Duck at chef de France.
Night cap: Some pinogrigios during illuminations. At our favorite spot. Still don't see it listed on any one else's list so not telling. Lol


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Ooh, I love this idea. Here are my picks:

Breakfast - Beignets at Port Orleans FQ
Snack - Shrimp Taco from F&W Fest & a Patron Margarita from La Cava del Tequila
Lunch - Lamb Wrap at Tangerine Cafe with a Grey Goose Citron Slush
Snack - Dole Whip & A Chocolate Salted Caramel from Karamell Kuche
Dinner - California Grill
Night Caps - Another Grey Goose Citron Slush


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Oh my....so many choices!!!

Breakfast: Beignets at POFQ. Eaten while on the bus!!
Mid morning snack: Dole Whip float
Lunch: Jalepeno and cheese stuffed pretzel from Animal Kingdom with an African beer (and since it's a meal, I'm having 2 of each!!) laugh
Afternoon snack: Dole Whip float. Again.
Dinner: Biergarten (hello Spaetzle and pretzel rolls!!)
Dessert: Cupcake crawl!!

Followed by a massive sugar/carb coma!!! LOL. Since I usually travel with a large group, we've usually done just your standard park fare. I'm super excited this time to actually try the fine dining side of Disney!!


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Breakfast - Something light, like a nice French baguette if the French bakery in Epcot is open that soon, or the equivalent elsewhere.
Snack - No morning snack.
Lunch - Early lunch at one of the Epcot World Showcase table service restaurants. If I had to pick right now I'd choose pizza in Italy, but tomorrow it could be someplace else.
Snack - Egg rolls from the Joy of Tea stand at Epcot's China pavilion.
Dinner - One of the counter service restaurants around Epcot's World Showcase. Right now I'd pick something Japanese, but again, could be something else tomorrow.
Night Caps - I'll skip the nightcap. I'm sure I had some nice Italian wine with the pizza and maybe some sake over in Japan, and that's enough for one day. But I might have another snack. Maybe that lovely tiramisu at the gelato stand in Italy.

Looks like I'm spending the day at Epcot.

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Breakfast - Kona Cafe, Tonga Toast! Yummy!

Lunch - Catina (Mexico) Those churros are sooo good!

Dinner - Garden Grill (mainly for the character dining aspect - kill two birds, one stone!)

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Breakfast - scrambled eggs and wheat toast from The Mara at AKL, eaten outside of course
Lunch - Sci Fi Dine In in HS - turkey sandwich with cucumber salad
Snack - carrot cake cookie from Writer's Stop in HS
Dinner - Teppan Edo, Epcot WS - chicken and shrimp

I love this thread! mickey


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Breakfast - Mickey waffles with strawberries at POR
Snack - red velvet cheesecake cupcake
Lunch - Cosmic Ray's for a burger and fries and some crooning from Sonny Eclipse, and for desert an ice cream cookie sandwich from MSB.
Snack - Mickey pretzel and Mickey ice cream bar (of course I can have both!!)
Dinner - Yak and Yeti for either the crispy Mahi Mahi or the Kobe beef burger and shoestring fries.

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Hmmmm, this is a tough one, but here goes:
Breakfast: fresh chocolate croissant and cereal with raspberries from POR
Snack: Mickey ice cream sandwich
Lunch: lo mien at Yak & Yeki at AK
Snack: if still hungry, another Mickey ice cream sandwich or Grey Goose Citron slush from France
Dinner: California Grill or tempura at Tokyo Dining
Nitecap: maybe another citron slush?

Hard to choose as they are so many great places to eat!

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If I only had 24 hours it would be spent in the Magic Kingdom.
Breakfast Crystal Palace
Lunch Casey's
Snack frozen Starbucks drink
Dinner California Grill
Night Cap ice cream cone while watching the fireworks

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Breakfast: Cup o'tea and a light pastry at the resort
Snack #1: A Churro from Frontier Land
Lunch: Combo Platter and a Sam at the 50's Prime Time
Snack #2: Order of Chicken Tenders and a Diet Coke from any counter service place
Dinner: Filet at the Cali Grill and a bottle of red
Nightcap: Carrot Cake from Artist Point

Did I miss any of the major food groups?

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Y'all are making me hungry this morning!

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Breakfast: Kona Cafe...I've been dying to try their Macadamia Nut Pancakes!
Snack: Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake from Starring Rolls
Lunch: Lettuce wraps, a yak attack, and a kobe beef burger from Yak & Yeti
Snack: Avocado margarita and chips and guac at La Cava del Tequila
Dinner: California Grill...I'll leave my options open as to what I would order Wink
Night Cap: Grey Goose Slush in Epcot

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breakfast-that restaraunt at the polynesian
snack- friars nook's potato chips
lunch- bratwurst from germany
snack-school bread
dinner- buffaloa wings from espn
night cap- starbucks while at wishes

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This is a tough one
breakfast : crystal palace. I love pooh bear and this is a must on every trip
snack: dole whip
lunch: brown derby Cobb salad & grapefruit cake
snack: cappuccino cupcake from pizza plane
Snack: pick up a carrot cake cookie for later
Dinner: Boma
Fireworks snack: chocolate Danish from the coffee kiosk near the Canada pavilion. Must be the Danish not the chocolate croissant.


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Breakfast: Tonga Toast at Kona
Snack: Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake
Lunch: Lobster Roll at Columbia Harbor House
Snack: Turkey Leg
Dinner: Le Cellier
Night cap: Walking around the World Showcase trying the different adult drinks