Coronado Springs vs. Port Orleans

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Coronado Springs vs. Port Orleans

Hey everyone! So we are getting close to actually booking our Disneymoon, and are leaning towards staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter (many of you have had great things to say about this resort) but in my planning I came across the Business rooms at the Coronado Springs resort. Have any of you stayed in them? I know that they include continental breakfast and drinks from 5-10 at night, but I do not know if it is worth the extra $700 to stay there....I mean with that we could almost stay at a Deluxe I would imagine. We are still contemplating renting DVC, but I don't know if I want to wait that long to book and start paying it off....decisions decisions!


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I've stayed at both Coronado Springs and Port Orleans French Quarter and for me Port Orleans FQ takes it hands down (especially for a honeymoon). Its much more quaint and romantic. Coronado Springs is much more of a convention resort (hence the business rooms). It will really come down to your own personal choice, but I can tell you that I don't think you'd be disappointed staying at POFQ! Good luck with your decision!


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Hi Jessalyn, We've stayed at both Coronado and Port Orleans (although we stayed at Riverside). We stayed in a standard room at Coronado, so I'm not familiar with the business rooms, but that does sound pretty nice. From a purely resort amenities and conveniences standpoint, I would choose Port Orleans. It's anecdotal of course, but we found the bus service to be better at Port Orleans and it's such a nice bonus to be able to boat to DTD. The counter service options were more varied and easier to access at PORS than at Coronado. This was mostly a problem at breakfast and of course if you had free continental breakfast, that issue would go away. I find the atmosphere at PORS and POFQ to be more romantic than the atmosphere at Coronado, so especially for Disneymoon, I would lean toward Port Orleans. Here's the good news--you're at Disney, so whichever resort you pick will be amazing!


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Well I was just at CS last October and my experience was terrible so I can't recommend that resort. But maybe I just hit them at a bad time. I would suggest you check out all the reviews on CS.
For me I just love both Port Orleans and I have stayed at both and I will be staying at POFQ again in May.




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I've stayed at Port Orleans and remember it being pretty decent. Since I grew up visiting NOLA frequently, we did not typically care for that resort...

My family stayed at Coronado in Sept and they loved it. They stated it was nicer than any of the other moderates. They had a great time. The overall theming seems wonderful....

NOW....if I were paying $700 more for it...I probably would look at spending a little more to go deluxe. I don't think it would be worth it to upgrade.

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I'm with Eeyore. Pay a little bit more and go deluxe. You can get some good rates at AKL (standard view of course) and WL. To me, it's worth it.

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Def stay at POFQ!! It's beautiful! And I stayed at Coronado and was not impressed to be honest.

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Stay at Port Orleans. I have stayed at both Riverside and French Quarter and love both. I have stayed at Coronado once and I will never stay there again. I did not like rooms or the theme. For the price of a business room you could probably go for a lower priced deluxe like Wilderness.

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I haven't stayed at Coronado but I have stayed at PORFQ..
as stated, it is a smaller resort...more quaint...more romantic
then some of the larger resorts...I would save that
$700 difference and use it towards a carriage ride at night
thru the French Quarter..I read somewhere you can pre-arrange
a bottle of champagne and glasses so you can sip while you ride.
There are so many wonderful extras that $700 could go towards!

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I've stayed at both resorts and would recommend CSR in a heartbeat! Besides having a great main pool area, CSR also offers many deluxe amenities at a mod price including business class club level rooms with lounge access.

The resort has queen beds, a sliding wooden door separating the sink area from the room (can be good for little ones napping in a pack n play) but only one sink.

Amenities include a fitness center, spa, free wi-fi, tanning beds, a sauna, salon, full menu room service and a night/dance club.

The resort offers the same toiletries as the deluxes (except GF). CSR has separate shampoo and conditioner instead of the shampoo/conditioner combo at the other mods and values (a small thing, I know, but it means I don't have to pack shampoo and conditioner).

CSR has the largest hot tub of the mods and one of the longest pool slides on Disney property. The pool, slide and playground area is great and all located in one area at the main pool.

Bus service is terrific and is not shared with another resort.

A good resource to check out is Buzz's CSR website and forum below. Tons of up-to-date information including a convention listing, monthly activity schedule and rehab schedules.

Have a great trip!

CSR Website

CSR Forum

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The wife and I loved POR-Riverside. Big points for the romantic and slow boat ride into DTD / Disney Springs.


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