Do You Listen to Disney Music?

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Do You Listen to Disney Music?

Does Disney Music play a part in your every day life?

I must admit, I don't listen to a lot of music, but other people in my house do, so I frequently get the benefit of hearing whatever they have playing. The other day I was in the kitchen making dinner, and suddenly I'm hearing the main music theme from Fantasmic! coming from my husband's office. I stuck my head around the coroner and sure enough, there was my 19 year old daughter writing a story, bopping away to Disney Park music. Turns out she's got several Disney stations on the computer's radio program. She listens to it all the time!

Do you listen to Disney music at home? Is it usually Park Music or Movie Music? Where do you get it from?

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I don't listen to music very often either, but I am really into Disney movie music!! I buy my soundtracks off iTunes--I'm especially into the new Muppets Soundtrack, Wreck it Ralph, Princess and the Frog, and Tangled right now, but I listen to all the more classic stuff too! Smile I'll have to start listening to the parks music, too!!


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Yes! Everyday I listen to a Disney station on Pandora while I get ready for work. It's all movie music. I wouldlove to find some park music too though. And now, thanks to you, I've got Fantasmic stuck in my head.


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When I need cheering up, I listen to D-Cot on the computer. I get to choose what tracks I listen to, and it always brings a smile to my face.



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Everytime I'm in the car a Disney Park CD or soundtrack is popped in. Can't get enough of Disney music! Wish they'd make a CD of all the different "Land" loop music. That would be amazing!

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Last trip we bought Four Parks-One World, I listen to it alot in the office as it puts a massive smile on my face, especially when it's been a thought day. And the other day we purchased Disney/Pixar - Greatest from iTunes, some really catchy tunes. Both albums bring back WDW memories, so they are always welcome.



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I have 2 "Disney's Greatest" CDs (the green one and the purple one), and a two disc set called "The Music Behind the Magic" that I got at the park. I also have the ST to Fantasia. I hope to get 4 Parks 1 World this time. I like Disney music too, especially as those trips approach...

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I have the dtunes app on my phone it is great it plays everything disney from full attraction audio, movie soundtracks, theme park and hotel music and even parade and firework music, also i think the holiday music. You can also get it on


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senseicj wrote:
I have the dtunes app on my phone it is great it plays everything disney from full attraction audio, movie soundtracks, theme park and hotel music and even parade and firework music, also i think the holiday music. You can also get it on

I hadn't heard of this, but I have just downloaded the app. It is great! Thank you for the info.


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Absolutely! I don't really listen to Disney Park music but I have most of the full Disney soundtracks on my iTunes!

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I listen to Live 365 - Mouseworld Radio at work every day at work. "Making' Memories" is playing right now. Absolutely LOVE music from the parks and not sure I could get any work done without it!


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senseicj wrote:
I have the dtunes app on my phone it is great it plays everything disney from full attraction audio, movie soundtracks, theme park and hotel music and even parade and firework music, also i think the holiday music. You can also get it on

Oh cool! I may have to downloaded that myself.

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Well, for Disney park music, I only play it when there's nothing I really want to listen to anything else from my non-Disney music collection. As for Disney movie music, I only play it when I'm in the mood.


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I have the Disney Radio Station on Pandora. I want to get some cds from the parks to listen to as well. I did listen to a Disney station on Play Music for a month for free.

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I have a Disney playlist on my ipod and I listen to it mostly in the car. I've ripped some music from Disney CD collections that I purchased "back in the day" when digital downloads didn't exist and others I've bought from itunes. Currently on the list you would find all vocal selections from Tangled, Wreck-It-Ralph & Hunchback of Notre Dame; Almost There from Princess & the Frog; A Whole New World & One Jump Ahead from Aladdin; In a World of my Own from Alice in Wonderland; Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmatians; Be Prepared from Lion King; It's a Small World; Selections from Mary Poppins; and all vocals from The Happiest Millionaire. I usually listen to that list whenever I'm in the car, but it has gone on hiatus for a few weeks to make way for the Christmas music.


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I have the" Four Parks one world" cd. I love listening to the attraction music


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Absolutely! I tune into Mouse World Radio, on Live365, as soon as I get to work. It's on all day, but when I sit down at the computer to work, I crank it up!