Hello from Massachusetts!

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Hello from Massachusetts!

Hi! I'm a grown up who hasn't been to the World in a very looooong time. Planning for Sept. 2012 and I've got lots of questions. yay

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Welcome to the boards!! I'm sure we'll have lots of answers for any question you may have =)

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Welcome and boy are you in luck because we will surely give you answers.

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Welcome Bongo! Love the name! Do you play or just like the name?


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Welcome...we haven't been since Feb '07...we are going Dec 2012.


Wishin' I was at WDW!

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Hi! and welcome to WDWFG, the best WDW forum on the net. Whereabouts in MA are you from, I am from southern NH. Bring on the questions, we have answers.


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Hello and welcome Bongo! Ask away!!

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Hello and welcome to the Forum. clapping


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Hello and welcome from Maine! I am pretty new to this board and one thing is for sure if you love Disney this is the place to go for answers. I have found that the people here know their Disney and love their Disney. Combine the two and you have a great board to go for info. 42 days to go for us!

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HI and welcome

I live in Connecticut


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Hi Bongo!!! Welcome, welcome! I love answering questions!

I love your name..it makes me think of Matthew McCounghey.


mickey Bella

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Welcome. Your gonna love it here Smile


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Welcome mickey

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Hello bongo & welcome to WDWFG! We got a great gang of people here.

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Welcome! Congrats on your upcoming trip! Everyone here is sooooo helpful and will be glad to answer all your Disney questions!

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Welcome to Grownups! We're glad you found us. We love to talk - and eat too, actually! - so we're excited to hear about your memories and answer any questions you have!

Do you have your resort picked out already? Will you be staying on property?