Just to say Hello!

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Just to say Hello!

Don't know how I haven't found this site before. Have loved Disney since the 70's when we first came to WDW on our honeymoon. We normally spend our available time in the Caribbean, showing our dogs or cruising with an occasional visit to one of the parks, but recent health issues have required retirement and less strenuous activity so have more time to spend at the parks. Because we have Borzoi I have collected Lady & Tramp items that also depict Boris as part of my dog art collection. I have not been an avid collector of all things Disney in the past, but am thinking I need to decide on something inexpensive to collect. Looking forward to the Food & Wine festival. So glad to see I'm not the only adult who loves Disney without having kids to keep track of.

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Well welcome Louise and no , you are far from being the only adult that loves Disney without kids in tow, but we welcome all to this happy place, with and without kids!. As for an inexpensive Disney thing to collect, hum...., it all depends on what you want to collect. Once again , welcome and enjoy the site!

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welcome Louise to the friendliest forum on the net. We are so glad you found us on the web and even happier that you thought enough of us to join. You will find answers to all your questions or somebody here can come up with the answers you need.


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Welcome! Glad ya found us! awesome


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Welcome! Glad you decided to join us. We're a lovely bunch of Disney lovers! Tell us some of your favorites (park, rides, restaurants, etc.).


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Hi and welcome Do you have any upcoming trips in the works?

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welcome Louise so glad you decided to join us. We love all things Disney and enjoy sharing our love of Walt and Mickey with each other. mickey

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You've definitely found the right place to chat with adults who LOVE DISNEY yay

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Hi Louise and welcome I joined recently myself and everyone on here has great Disney ideas and tips!

I am attending the F&W fest this year for the first time and am so excited! Have you visited Epcot during this event before? If so, what are your 'must do' booths? If not, I would love to hear what is on your wish-list mickey

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welcome welcome welcome

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Welcome Louise! Several of us go solo! Looking forward to your posts. mickey


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Hi Louise! Glad you're here to chat with us!!

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Hello! We are so glad you joined us! yeah

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Welcome, Louise!

Food and Wine Festival is so much fun!

Have you thought about collecting and trading pins?

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Welcome to the best forum on Earth!! stars welcome stars welcome stars


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