Mini Check-in Animal Kingdom,Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom.

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Mini Check-in Animal Kingdom,Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom.

Hi Everyone! Great to be back. My husband and I just moved to FL at the end of May for his job. We are waiting for our new house to be remodeled but it's in Kissimmee only 20 minutes from Disney World Smile Earlier this year we had bought Annual passes to use on our ten day trip we have planned for September/October and anticipated another four day trip at the beginning of next year. When we arrived we called guest services and they gave us a refund for the passes to make up the difference between the regular price and the FL resident price which was great.

Saturday June 4th we just decided to head to Animal Kingdom at about 6:30pm, we went to guest services and picked up our annual passes and entered the park. It was very surreal to know I was at Disney months before our planned trip muchlove It was very pretty to see the Tree of Life against the setting sun. We wanted to see the safari but wait times were at 70 minutes annnnd since we can go back any other day now biggrin we decided to skip it that day. We ended up watching It's tough to be a bug, just walking around a bit soaking in the atmosphere, then we grabbed an egg roll to snack on, and then headed over to Everest as the wait time was only showing at 20 minutes on the MDE app. The ride seemed more intense in the dark Smile After our ride we headed out it was about 10pm.

On Sunday 6/5 my hubby had to work so I headed to Disney Springs with the soul intention of going to Sephora, I got there at about 9:45 and parked in the Lime Garage. I found Sephora and unfortunately they were closed for a VIP event and wouldn't open until 11am sad I noticed that the Welcome Center was almost directly across from where Sephora was so I headed there to get a map. I ended up buying a Tables in Wonderland card while I was there also. I doubled back and went the MAC store to fulfill my make-up needs after exciting MAC I just wondered around checking out the new shops I love to shop so I felt right at home. I also went into The Lego Store, then headed to Basin. This was my first time in Basin, I'm always with my hubby and he has terrible allergies just walking by Basin usually bothers him so we try to avoid it. Me on the other hand loved it! I spent a good 30 minutes just walking around smelling everything and ended up buying a few bath bombs. Then I went into World of Disney which was already crazy busy so I quickly exited I was on my way into Ghirardelli when I remembered that Sprinkles had just recently opened! I beelined there and ended up taking the long way around past Raglan Road crossed the bridge stopped and took a few pics (sorry for the soft focus effect I guess my lens needed wiped off Puzzled ) then into Sprinkles I went! There were two employees waiting at the doors and they opened them for me and welcomed me into the store. I ended up getting four cupcakes for me and my husband to share later, I picked the Dark Chocolate, Coconut, a Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting and a Red Velvet. The Dark Chocolate was our favorite it has such a rich cocoa flavor and was just delicious. The coconut was my second choice I'm not sure if the cake was actually coconut flavored or was just white but it was very buttery and moist. After I got our cupcakes I left Disney Springs, it was about 12:30 and headed back to our hotel.

Monday 6/6
This day I had made us some fast passes at Epcot since Raymond(husband) was off. We went to Kona for lunch I had spicy tuna sushi and he had chicken from the plated lunches. This is one of our favorite places to eat we had wanted breakfast but got a later than usual start so settled for lunch. While we were eating it started to rain and I got a notification that our fast pass for Test Track had been canceled because the ride wasn't running, we decided to change our plans and go to the Magic Kingdom instead. I canceled our other fast passes and made two at the Magic Kingdom one for Haunted Mansion and one for Pirates. We finished eating and boarded the Monorail and headed for MK. The park was moderately busy for it being so nasty out, we bought ponchos and pushed on because a rainy Disney day beats a rainy day stuck inside the hotel Smile The new castle stage was still under construction last year when we were there so we took a minute to admire the finished product. We got to Haunted Mansion stand by time was 40 minutes but we got right through with our fast passes, after HM we watched Mickey's Phillharmagic then headed to Pirates. Pirates is one of my favorite attractions when you come down that hill and enter into that cannon battle it just feels like magic to me biggrin We headed out after Pirates rode the Monorail back to the Poly, got our car and headed back to our hotel.

All this week we have been up in St. Augustine as Raymond has had meetings and is spending time helping with systems training at the Casa Monica so we've been enjoying the beach in the evenings we should be heading back to Kissimmee tomorrow night and maybe we'll have another Disney day Sunday or Monday as he'll be off again Smile


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Disney Springs
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Disney Springs
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Sprinkles Show Kitchen
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Our Cupcakes
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Spicy Tuna Sushi
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That sushi looks incredible! Thanks so much for sharing! awesome

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Kona's sushi is awesome! You lucky dogs you! I keep trying to get scrappy to move.

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Sounds like a couple of really fun days. I don't think I could live there, I would always want to be at Disney and would drive the hubby crazy lol. But I really really want to!


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wow thanks for the update and the pictures they are just what I need on a very miserable UK day!!! so jealous you live so close to Disney!!! keep the updates coming it keeps me going til my next Disney fix!

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How awesome!

Sounds like you're living the dream!