Pop Century & Animal Kingdom Kidani Village Split Stay !

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Pop Century & Animal Kingdom Kidani Village Split Stay !

clapping I am still numb! clapping

We are staying at Kidani Village!!!!! My DREAM muchlove

It seems I've become a restless resort planner-all these deals, pins and price changes are more addictive than making Fast Pass Reservations!

I've gone from Coronado Springs to Pop Century and now - a Split Stay!

Amy received a PIN via E-Mail for "Explore the Magic Again". It seems I've made the last few years of reservations in my name and now Disney wants Amy to come back silly

So every day I'm on the site checking the current advertised specials with her PIN specials...and over time I've seen some great deals- including Saratoga Springs at $250 a night. I almost hit the reservation a few times but didn't do it- and I kept saying "if only AKL would be so cheap".

Then last night- *BAM* - a Deluxe Studio Room-Standard View at Kidani Village opened up for part of our stay- and it rung up at $300 a night.


So much for saving money! WHAM I hit that reservation button so fast I almost broke my keyboard!

I reviewed all the current trip plans I had laid out and I realized we could probably dump the hopper pass especially if I added more activities at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I also knocked one night off our stay-leaving on Saturday instead of Sunday.

I completely cancelled my reservation at Pop and re-booked the split stay all under Amy's name and PIN.

So now we arrive at Pop Century on Friday, 21st and we are there until Monday, 24th. On Monday 24th we check into Kidani and are there until Saturday 29th.

I am so excited to see both resorts!!!!!!!

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Wow, that's great news! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. clapping yay

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Sounds perfect!

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Yay! yay yay yay very excited for you mickey

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Pop is very nice. Kidani is better!

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Awesomesauce!!! yay yay yay yay


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So excited for you!!! yay If you can book the Wanyama Safari it is well worth the price.

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That's awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it! Lots of pictures pleeeeeeeeease! yay

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you got it Allie~!

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I seriously have lost track of the amount of times I've cancelled and re-booked room!
We just keep dropping in price- ! We are now at Animal Kingdom Jambo/Standard Room/Standard View
from Monday thru Saturday.

The weekend before we are in the Royal Guest Rooms at POR Riverside...


I've never moved things around this much!

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I always make our plans and Christy gets the offers.


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