So excited!!! Just 15 Days Away!!!

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So excited!!! Just 15 Days Away!!!

Good morning everyone!!!

We are so excited to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our engagement muchlove /50th Birthday with an 8 day trip to the Food and Wine Festival!!! Food and Wine...Wild African Trek... Not So Scary Halloween Party....I am just bursting with Disney Magic!!!
We were taking our 40th birthday trip (My hubby and I have the same b-day. He 10 hours younger than me), when he surprised me with a ring!! Since then we have honeymooned, there, returned many times and just last year bought DVC at the Beach Club!!

I wish much happiness to all who are posting to this forum...remember life is short so love to the fullest!!!


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That's very exciting!

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Heidi I understand your excitement because I will be there in 15 days also. Have a super time.

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clapping clapping
In two will be at the happiest place on earth!
We loved the Wild African Trek....I hope you do too!

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What an extra special memory you must have of your proposal~IN DISNEY WORLD stars
My husband and I have gone to Disney world for our anniversary for the last 3 years(and counting muchlove )

Have a wonderful trip

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Whoo hoo! That's fantastic Heidi! Will you be staying at Beach Club this trip?

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congrats on the anniversary and DVC and have a fantastic trip! Make sure to bring back lots of pictures!