Special food requests at WDW

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Special food requests at WDW

Hey gang-

I do the Paleo/Primal thing (have for quite some time now) and am starting to wonder how well I'll be able to "behave" when it comes to Disney dining. We're staying at Pop Century with no plans to travel off-site, so we're stuck with what is offered at the parks and resorts. There are definitely a lot of food options, so I'm thinking it won't be TOO hard, but I'm still a little bit concerned...

Have any of you encountered issues with special food/diet requirements when eating at WDW? Anyone know if they allow you to make special requests when it comes to slightly modifying a meal?

If this has been discussed in another post, please re-route me...

Thanks everyone!!

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My vegetarian friend has no trouble there. At buffets, the chefs will come out and help you find what you need. Personally, I think it's how strict you adhere to your diet.
Here's the diet special diet request link:




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I havn't had any personal experience with this but I have been in line / next to a table where guests have requested specific items or changes to a meal because of diets and allergies. I remember the chef at SSR being very helpful to one gentleman with a wheat intolerance, recreating an item off the menu to suit his needs, no complaining, no extra cost and even brought it out to the table himself.


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The Disney Chefs are VERY helpful and accommodating to all sorts of dietary restrictions. It just takes a little preplanning.

Here are a couple links that might help you navigate.