Too much Park hopping?

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Too much Park hopping?

Hi, sorry its me again!

we are able to make out ADR's next week so have been putting our plan together (attached), I think we finally have it sorted but we are spending most days park hopping. spending the morning in one park then the afternoon in another. Do you think we are trying to cram too much in? would we be better re-arranging a bit to spend more full days in a park?


Ps. We will have a car if that makes any difference?

I've just noticed the spreadsheet is too small to read so:

Day 1: PM arrival, Check into PORQ, quick dinner, MK Wishes
DAY 2: AK am, late Lunch at Sanaa, MK pm, Wishes Firework Dessert Party
Day 3: HS, Dinner at Turf Club, Evening is DS (DTD)
Day 4: Universal, late Dinner at Narcoossee's
Day 5: MK am, EC Pm, late Lunch or Dinner at Coral Reef.
Day 5: Breakfast Grand Floridian Cafe, Water park Am, DS (DTD) pm/eve, T-Rex Dinner
Day 6: Islands of Adventure
Day 7: MK, Fantasmic Dinner Package - mama Melroses eve
Day 8: Tusker Breakfast, AK am, EC pm/eve (EC Showcase Food crawl)
Day 9: **Andrew's Birthday** BOG Breakfast (fingers crossed), MK am, Aquicar in DS (DTD) pm, Boathouse early-ish dinner, Wishes at MK
Day 10: Check out Sad, Wilderness Segway Tour, Lunch in Fort Winderness Area.

Are there any ADR's in particular that we should plan a back up for/ expect to be tough to get in? Also, any we have chosen your advise against?

Thanks yay


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We usually park hop. As early risers we typically hit one park early morning and than go back to our room to relax for an hour or two. After that we head out to another park. Usually Epcot because we like to eat at a lot of the restaurants there. Last year we did not get the park hopper option and we really missed it. I think you should do what ever you feel works for you and if it becomes to much you can always switch up plans.

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I use to be against park hopping but now I love it. While you can get tons accomplished in a full day, I sometimes feel like I am just going in circles (even on half days) It gives you the opportunity of a little down time and a change of pace!

The plan sounds great!!! You picked a couple of my favorites! Sanaa is outstanding!!!!


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I think especially with a car, you aren't trying to fit too much in. The biggest thing that slows down park hopping is using Disney transportation. That being said, we never rent a car and solely rely on Disney transportation and we still park hop almost every day biggrin

As far as making your dining reservations, make BOG first the second your window opens to best ensure availability at the time you want. Because you have it one of your last days in you 10 day window you shouldn't have an issue since few will have had the opportunity to make the reservation before you. I'd then do Tusker House next only because it is a character meal, but honestly I don't forsee you have any issues getting any of the other ones you want. Good luck!

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For me there is no such thing as too much park hopping. We are huge fans and usually go to atleast 2 parks a day if not more. This year we are going to all 4 in a day using 3 different types of Disney transportation. You will have a blast!


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I'm with everyone above. We are daily park hoppers. Like jhugo we do a park in the morning (usually until about 1:00 - 1:30), go back to the resort for a nap or rest or swim and then go to a different park for the evening and dinner. Ours ends up being Epcot a lot too for the restaurants though I try to switch it up.

Hop hop hop away! awesome


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I'm not a big park-hopper, but I also don't see a problem in doing it and know a lot of people love the flexibility.

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We usually take a mid-day break and park hopping is no more intrusive to your schedule than doing that. I think you'll be fine. mickey


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I tend to park hop a few times during my holiday. It'll usually be either AK or HS with either Epcot or MK...some combination of those with either AK or HS in the morning as Epcot and MK open later.


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I park hop but I never plan the second park. I plan my morning/lunch park for the day & leave the second park up to what I feel like doing in the afternoon.