Transportation To Orlando

Like many before you, you've proudly declared to friends, family and coworkers: "I'm going to Disney World!"  Our enthusiastic response?  Great! You're going to love it there... but, how are you getting there?

Reaching Orlando, Florida, from anywhere in the world is pretty easy thanks to the Orlando International Airport, the closest airport to Disney that hosts daily flights from all points of origin.  Find out info about the airport (like the handy airport code MCO) here.

Don't discount train travel, too.  Though not as popular as flying or even driving, boarding a train to central Florida is definitely a viable travel option.  Maybe it will be easier on your budget, or maybe you like someone else to do the "driving."  Whatever the case, get your train travel info here, too.

Planes, trains, and... automobiles.  Families are still using their cars for vacations, and road trips to Disney happen all the time.  Whether you're driving from a different state or from a nearby Florida town, get your detailed info about driving to Orlando and WDW here. 

You've got to get to Disney to experience it; why not check out our handy travel info before stepping out your front door.