Disney World Vacation Packages

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Disney World Accommodations

Every once in a while, a vacation package can make sense. Major factors include cost, travel party, and, frankly, the amount of time you have for searching out discounts.

This category will hopefully shed some light on whether a package is the right choice for your WDW trip or not.

Note: Components of a package can often be purchased separately for a lesser overall cost (especially with discounts that are published all over the web); when you purchase a vacation package, you're often paying more for ease of planning. Also, vacation packages often require a higher up-front, non-refundable deposit than does booking components separately (e.g. a Disney vacation package must be cancelled 45 days prior to arrival, whereas a "room-only" reservation can be cancelled up to 5 days prior to arrival).

Be sure to balance pros/cons when booking a vacation package, and be sure to considering using a travel agent. There are countless independent travel agents specializing in Disney vacations; they know EVERYTHING and can book whatever you want however you want.