Avoiding Crowds at Walt Disney World

Disney World is significantly less fun when it's crowded. This, I imagine everyone will believe and agree with. Nowhere is all that fun when you're battling 50,000 other people to enjoy yourself.

But we've got a few tried and true strategies to help you to make the most of your vacation in Disney World. Stick with these--and go with the flow--and you'll have a truly enjoyable Disney vacation.


Rule #1: Go when school is in session, and avoid major holidays

Because Disney is very appealing to families with kids, school vacations are the busiest time at Disney World. And while not everyone has the flexibility to follow Rule #1, it really is the best way to ensure you're not fighting crowds.

Disney is most crowded during Christmas week, Spring break, and Summer. If you're able, schedule your vacation for Fall (September-early December), late Winter (January-February), or late Spring (late April-mid May). Try to avoid three-day weekends when you can.

Rule #2: Go when the park opens and closes, and take a break in between

Disney's daily crowd levels are shaped like a bell curve: low in the early morning, high mid-day, then low again after the evening's fireworks or events. This is because most people arrive about an hour after the park opens (it's tough to get up and going that early in the morning), and begin to migrate out of the park after the final big event of the evening.

Be sure to get to the park 15 minutes before it opens, and you'll likely be able to get in two or three rides (and snag a fastpass for something else) on popular attractions with no wait just as the park's opening up.

Also, during busy times, Disney often keeps the parks open for an hour or two after the evening's fireworks or final big events, which means you can get another couple of hours of rides in while the park is emptying out.

How do you keep your stamina up? Head back to your hotel as the park is filling up mid-day (around 11am) and have lunch or take a nap. Then go back to the park around 3 or 4pm that evening. You'll be rested up while everyone else is just starting to lag.

Remember--Disney has a policy that if you're in line when the park closes, you get to ride that ride (no matter how long the line is).

Rule #3: UPDATED! Use Fastpass+

Fastpass+ is a genius system with which you can "wait in line" for a ride without actually waiting in line!

It works like this: Annual Passholders and Day Guests are able to make FastPass+ reservations 30 days ahead of their scheduled visit (it's 60 Days for Disney Resort Hotel Guests) by using their MyDisneyExperience account. Simply log in online, use the mobile app, or make your way to an in Park Kiosk. There you will be able to chose a window of time in the future during which you will be able to bypass most of the"stand-by" line and get on the ride with a minimal wait. Once you have your reservation, simply return to the attraction when your window of time opens up, and check in with with the cast member at the fastpass entrance to the ride using your MagicBand. You'll be on the ride in about 15 minutes or less.

Take note: you may only hold three Fastpass+ at a time until your ride window opens up. After you have used all three of your FastPass+ reservations, you're free to get another Fastpass+ for another ride!

Also, though not explicitly stated by Disney, guests have been known to be able to use fastpasses when their window has passed. You can never use your fastpass prior to your window opening, but experience shows that you can use your fastpass after the window has closed. In other words, if you get a fastpass for Space Mountain in the morning, it should be useable when you come back that evening. Fastpass cannot be used on different dates. Read Our Article Top 5 Tips to Make the Most of Walt Disney World's FastPass+ System for more information.

Remember, the system is free with your entrance ticket.

Rule #4: Eat at weird times

This goes back to the bell curve idea: consider what everyone else is probably doing, then do the opposite! If you schedule lunch at 11am and dinner at 4pm, you'll probably be hitting the rides when everyone else is eating at noon and 6pm! Even better--have a late breakfast at 10 and a late lunch at 3... . You get the idea!

Rule #5: Skip parades and fireworks

Same concept again: folks line up for parades and fireworks an hour beforehand, meaning they're not in ride lines for about a two-hour period when you can be! If you're not able to do so in the early morning, ride the most popular attractions during parades and fireworks.


Consider Not Taking Disney Transportation

We have found that renting a car vs. taking Disney Transportation can save us tens of hours when we're at Disney World--especially when we're "opening" and "closing" the parks. Bus lines get horrendous during busy periods, as do monorail and boat lines. There's nothing worse than being exhausted at the end of a Disney day, only to go wait in another 60 minute line for a bus to take you to your hotel.

Avoid transportation crowds and rushes with a rental car or taxi.

Book an early ADR to avoid the park opening crunch

All four Disney World parks offer 8:00am-9:00am seatings for breakfast at restaurants in the park. Booking an 8:00am seating means you get into the park early, keeping you from dealing with the early morning crowd crunch at the turnstyles. It also means you get breakfast in without sacrificing ride time, AND you're already in the park when it opens, giving you a leg up on getting to your favorite rides before the turnstyle crowd!

Use Extra Magic Hours to your advantage

If you're staying in a Disney resort, consider using Extra Magic Hours--those hours that select parks are open early or late for resort guests only--to your best advantage. Check a "times guide", or an Extra Magic Hours flyer like the one to the right for Extra Magic Hours scheduled during your trip.

Morning EMHs will almost always be useful for avoiding crowds and getting onto popular rides with low waits, because a surprisingly few number of folks are willing to get up that early during their vacation! Evening EMHs we find to be more crowded, but tend to thin out into the wee hours of the night/morning. Plan to use that last hour of an EMH to your advantage while lots of others are tiring out and throwing in the towel.

We've learned from our members here on Walt Disney World for Grownups that a great way to use EMH is to visit the park holding morning EMH, then hop to the park that held evening EMH the night before. Chances are, everyone was at that EMH and won't be visiting the same park the next morning! This way, you get to take advantage of morning EMH without being hindered by the resulting crowd that stays in that park for the rest of the day, and you get to take advantage of the low crowds in the park that held EMH the night before. It might not always work, but it's a pretty good system to try!

Avoiding Crowds At Walt Disney WorldAvoiding Crowds At Walt Disney World

Use the International Gateway Epcot entrance when you can

This entrance, located between the France and UK pavilions in World Showcase, is always less crowded than the main gates and will offer a real time savings at rope drop. You may have to walk slightly farther than you would from the main gate to reach Future World attractions, but that beats standing in endless lines to get through the turnstyles!

If you're staying in an Epcot resort (Boardwalk, Beach/Yacht Clubs, Swan, Dolphin), this tip will be a great one. If you're staying in another resort, this could be useful if you've booked an early breakfast at an Epcot resort and are heading into Epcot after breakfast.

Walk through stores on crowded days

This may sound silly, but when you're moving at a snail's pace up Main Street in the heat of summer, you'll thank us! The shops lining the "main" streets of Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are usually connected to one another, meaning you have a straight thoroughfare through them. When crowds are pushing through the main street, you can retreat into the air conditioned shops and make your way to the same destination much faster. The shops are usually much less crowded than the main street.

This trick can also cut a few corners at Animal Kingdom and Epcot, depending on your destination. Just know that, as a general rule, the shops will be less crowded and cooler than the main thoroughfare, and they usually have more than one entrance, meaning you can use them to get from here to there.

We hope this primer will be helpful to you! Join us in our forums for more discussion, or visit our Where to go and what to bring section for great packing lists and more info about the best times to visit Walt Disney World!

JeffC wrote on Fri, 01/21/2011 - 17:53:

WE do most of these, and they are fantastic tips! The one I hadn't thought about is the tip on EMHs....we're early risers so we have no problem getting there early for EMHs, and typically hop to another park after we do the key things...but we just randomly pick the next park. I never thought about heading to the park that had late EMHs the night before. Excellent tip for the next trip, thanks!

We also always rented a car - did the Disney transportation the first time we went, and swore it off for good after that. I have zero patience for waiting for a bus. But I am fine if I am sitting in traffic in my own car. I think it's a control issue... :p

crazycatperson wrote on Tue, 10/04/2011 - 17:21:

crazycatperson's picture

Oops...it's spelled "turnstiles" with an I, not a Y. Feel free to delete this post after you've made the correction.

Jeff wrote on Sun, 03/25/2012 - 08:36:

Jeff's picture

Great website! I think it will be very useful for us for future trips as well as just keeping up with what WDW is doing and what is new.

DisneyDiva wrote on Mon, 07/23/2012 - 13:55:

DisneyDiva's picture

Here are some more great tips:

* Plan ahead! Get the map of the park you plan to visit and mark out the attractions and shows you want to visit. Here are some good tips I always do by park.
* Studios - If you want to ride Toy Story Mania at all....make THAT your first stop. For some reason, that ride has the longest wait through the day consistently. If you head there first then go to Star Tours you will likely miss most of the foot traffic that goes there after the major rides in the morning. Sunset blvd rides and shows are much easier to do due to their proximity to each other. Try heading to Rockin Roller Coaster and grabbing a Fast Pass, then head to Tower of Terror. Most likely when you are done riding Tower, Rockin Rollercoaster is ready to go. Remember that Beauty and the Beast show is there, so if you want to catch a show to wait for a Fast Pass you can. Skip Mermaid show until you get all your other things done or you are waiting. Avoid getting a fast pass for it... it will just use up your fast pass usage and most people just walk in most of the time.

* Magic Kingdom - Your saving grace is the train. When you get there at park open (and it is best to go then) immediately go up and get on the train. The train takes you right to the cue line for Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Get the Splash fast pass and ride Big Thunder. If you have time before your fast pass is ready, Pirates is a quick 5 minute walk and usually has a 30 minute wait throughout the morning hours. If you have more time... go for the Haunted Mansion and maybe catch a Country Bear Jamboree (forgot how great those are). For thrill seekers, after Big Thumder and Splash, hit the train and get off in Tomorrowland/Toontown and jet to Space mountain for your fast pass. Hang out and ride things around there until your fast pass is ready.

* Epcot - Soarin'... Soarin'...Soarin'. If you do not haul it to Soarin' first thing in the morning to ride or get a Fast Pass, you will be waiting 90 minutes or riding your fast pass at 8:30 pm. This ride is crazy popular and should be on your must do list... but you will need to make it your first priority to ride or get your FP. The other rides and attractions have minmal wait times 5-30 minutes at most usually.... even Mission: SPACE...though I would make that my second stop for thrill seekers if you want to ride the Red side.

* Animal Kingdom - Choose your sides! Once you come over the bridge and see the Tree of Life, most people keep to the left and head to Camp Minnie Mickey. Thrill seekers keep to the right and make a straight bee line to Expedition Everest.... followed by Dinosaur. (you'll thank me later). If you want to see animals, head straight. Avoid the urgency of people wanting you to go see Festival of the Lion King... head to Kilamanjaro Safari. The line here gets ridiculously long and there are more animals out in the morning than later in the day. From there head to Expedition Everest but if you have to wait, try to catch the Nemo show or if you have a longer wait try Nemo and Dinosaur. Do not miss Festival of the Lion King!!! It is the number one show at WDW and for good reason...I have never met anyone who hated it.

There you go! I have been to the parks countless times and these "rules" work 80% of the time. I agree with avoiding the parks between 12:00 - 5:00...unless you enjoy pushing your way through crowds.

Venessa wrote on Mon, 10/20/2014 - 04:33:

Venessa's picture

Anyone have tips on ways to save money on tickets for a group around 12? My dad has a diagnosis that has us all trying to make the most memories as possible with him and all my sister and I children. We live in Texas and the flights alone are 600 round trip. So any ideas on how to save so we can make this happen would be soo greatly appreciated

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