Breakfast in Liberty Square: Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Nothing is quite like hitting the park first thing in the morning to beat the crowds. But just because you're up and out early doesn't mean you should skip the most important meal of the day. Next time you're looking for a quick service breakfast at the Magic Kingdom, why not try one of our fan favorites. Just take a stroll across the bridge from the Castle Hub into Liberty Square, and make your first stop the little brick building that houses Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments BuildingSleepy Hollow Refreshments Building

The architecture pays homage to the home of Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving, and provides a serene background of colonial charm along the banks of the Cinderella Castle moat. A sunny side courtyard with ample seating stretches down one side of the building that houses this snack counter. Around the corner to the back you'll find a shady cluster of tables beneath a well themed pergola. The outdoor location provides a welcome spot to sit down and have a quick breakfast before tackling all the Magic Kingdom has to offer.

Seating along the Cinderella Castle MoatSeating along the Cinderella Castle Moat

The menu at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments mainly focuses on a variety of snacks including Funnel cakes, ice cream sandwiches, bagged chips, chocolate chunk cookies, soft serve ice cream, soup, soft drinks, fruit juices, water, a variety of specialty coffees, and hot drinks. Most recently though, they have become more and more well known for their waffles. Though the menu states that waffles are only served from 11am-5pm, on my past two trips the venue has been open for breakfast at 9am.

When you're ordering at Sleepy Hollow, be sure to look back past the friendly cast member into the building. The interior of this kitchen is impressively well themed and makes you feel like you're truly getting breakfast from a historic kitchen.

Sleepy Hollow's Standard MenuSleepy Hollow's Standard Menu

The waffle sandwiches here are huge, and make for a delicious hearty breakfast. I ordered the Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle, and quickly decided that eating it like a sandwich was going to be a messy endeavor. Instead I opted to eat the fresh ripe strawberries off of the top before folding it over and biting into the soft warm waffle with the perfect crisp exterior. It was covered in the gooey chocolatey hazelnut spread. This was my first time having Nutella, and it was as wonderful and delicious as I had heard.

Nutella & Fresh Fruit WaffleNutella & Fresh Fruit Waffle

My traveling companion opted for the savory Breakfast Omelet Waffle sandwich, with a fluffy cheese & egg omelet, thinly shaved Prosciutto, and succulent ripe tomato. The egg was firm all the way through, and the cheese had a nice sharpness that contrasted well with the salty Prosciutto. The tomato added a lovely cool freshness. It was hard to decide which one of these two breakfast treats we enjoyed more.

Breakfast Omelet WaffleBreakfast Omelet Waffle

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments made for a fantastic breakfast stop for my group of foodie companions. I highly recommend stopping to try one of these amazing Waffles. The environment is welcoming, the food delicious and it put us deep into the heart of the park to start our day. Thanks so much to the Disney Food Blog for exclusive use of their menu image.

Have you tried the Waffle Sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow? Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!

Brenda wrote on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 12:11:

Brenda's picture

I'm so glad to learn of a breakfast spot at MK other than Character breakfasts.

Nicole wrote on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 14:00:

Nicole's picture

The fruit on yours looks a little skimpy. Whenever I order one it's overflowing with strawberries, blueberries and bananas.

KJay wrote on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 15:30:

KJay's picture

I'm so glad to hear they've been opening earlier than 11! The waffle w/ Nutella & fresh fruit is my favorite snack at MK, and I always wished I could get it for breakfast! Delicious, and enough to share...

finngirl wrote on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 15:55:

finngirl's picture

We discovered the nutella and fruit waffles last year. Yummy! We didn't even attempt to eat them like a sandwich, but used a knife and fork instead. The amount of fruit we had on each was amazing. One of the best bargains in the parks, and we will definitely stop there at least once in May.

Elaine wrote on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 16:45:

Elaine's picture

We ate there for the first time in December. I had the waffle with strawberries and whipped cream - yum. We sat at one of the tables outside with a beautiful view of the castle and the ducks on the water by the castle. There was even a live show in front of the castle while we were eating. Only Disney can give you breakfast and a show. I took the most beautiful picture of the ducks, trees and castle and have enlarged it and now stare at it everyday in my office at work. Keeps me calm and reminds me of that beautiful morning. And the waffle, strawberries and whipped cream tasted great. It is definitely on my "must" eat list for the next time we go.

crazycatperson wrote on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 17:37:

crazycatperson's picture

Neither of the breakfast waffle sandwiches you describe appeals to me, but I could try the waffle with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, or the sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich for lunch. In fact, the chicken sandwich sounds appealing enough that I think I'll have to try it next trip.

oft013 wrote on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 21:57:

It's a regular stop for my wife and I. We get one sweet and spicy chicken waffle and one fruit and nutella waffle and split them. It has become one of our favorite counter service meals.

Phil wrote on Wed, 02/06/2013 - 19:21:

Phil's picture

Love those waffles. We did the same thing oft013 mentioned on our last visit... it makes for an excellent and reasonably priced lunch for two. There's more than enough food in that combination for two people to get properly refueled.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is definitely one of the hidden food gems of the Magic Kingdom. If only they sold the spicy chicken waffle later into the day... it would make a good dinner spot too.

Nicky wrote on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 21:27:

Nicky's picture

We had both of the lunch waffles; Sweet & Spicy Chicken and the Prosciutto and Swiss. Both were really good. We couldn't eat them like a sandwich and had to use a fork and knife. We are looking forward to having them again in April. The Breakfast omelet is something we will try too.

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