Disney's Animal Kingdom and the Disney Conservation Fund

The Disney Conservation Fund has inspired millions of people to take action to protect the planet for more than two decades now. At Disney's Animal Kingdom dedication to the Disney Conservation Fund is not just an add on, it is a way of life that has provided more than $70 million to programs committed to reversing the decline of wildlife in more than half the countries on the planet.

Disney Worldwide Conservation FundDisney Worldwide Conservation Fund

    Here are just a few of the outstanding programs that have been made possible with held from the Disney Conservation Fund.
  • The DCF supports "Reverse the Decline" collaborations with international and local conservation partners to stabilize and increase the populations of 10 focus animal categories; apes, butterflies, coral reefs, cranes, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, sea turtles, sharks & rays, and tigers.

  • In addition to DCF support, Disney Cast Members and employees are lending their expertise to these efforts. More than 180 Disney's Animals, Science and Environment Cast Members have already participated directly in projects to save wildlife around the world.

  • 103,000+ square miles of critical forest habitat has been protected in the Democratic Republic of Congo to support efforts to save endangered apes.

  • 2,000+ Atala butterflies and 1,000+ endangered Shaus' swallowtail butterflies raised and released in the wild.

  • 2,300 coral pieces grown, 12 coral nursery sites established, and 3,000+ coral fragments planted to repopulate reefs in The Bahamas.

  • 7 Siberian cranes outfitted with satellite transmitters to track migration and identify the most important wetland areas for conservation.

  • 1 million+ acres of forest habitat surveyed to protect important areas for African elephants.

  • 20 tons of plastic waste removed from the environment, 175+ families supported through income-generating programs, 164,000+ trees planted, and more than 37,000 acres of forest protected in Colombia and Brazil to protect cotton-top

Animal Rehab Center on Pangani TrailAnimal Rehab Center on Pangani Trail
Tiger on Maharaja Jungle TrekTiger on Maharaja Jungle Trek

So next time you're checking out at a gift shop register in Disney's Animal Kingdom and you notice a basket of buttons for the Disney Conservation Fund, give a good thought to buying one. This simple, small act by you is a donation that has far reaching impact, and for every $1 you donate, the Walt Disney Company matches your contribution. It's a simple way to help do your part in creating a sustainable world.

Disney has always been committed to conservation and caring for the planet.
For more than 60 years, animals of all sorts have been a key part of Disney storytelling. Today at Disney's Animal Kingdom these stories are transformed into immersive experiences connecting kids and families with the magic of nature. Over the past few years this beautiful Park has transformed into a destination packed with a full day of adventures, and using the natural world to inspire our fantasies.

Are you a fan of Disney's Animal Kingdom? Leave a comment and let me know where to find your favorite animals at this extraordinary Disney Park.

wdwizbest wrote on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 11:44:

wdwizbest's picture

This is why we always give the change from every purchase while in AK to this fund.

Kristen K. wrote on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 18:56:

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Good job Wiz, that's a great idea!

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