Dressing for Vacation Photography

There are several schools of thought when it comes to dressing for a Walt Disney World vacation. Some folks just want the most comfortable options available while, for others, dressing up is part of vacation.

We all have those pictures from bygone vacations that we look at and wonder, "What was I thinking!" The truth is that you probably weren't thinking. You were just headed out for some fun. If you'd rather look through your scrapbook and say to yourself "that was a wonderful day, look how happy I was," take a few tips from the experts and pack your suitcase with your photos in mind.

Same Color PalatteSame Color Palatte

Do: Dress your party in similar tones. You don't have to all wear the same shirts to get the perfect family picture on vacation. Keep clothes in the same color palate, but not exactly the same. Have family members pack outfits that will compliment each other.

Do: Dress it up a little. Shirts with collars can still be relaxed and casual, but still help to pull an outfit together.

You Don't Have to Match to CoordinateYou Don't Have to Match to Coordinate

Do: Wear bright jewel tones such as reds, purples, and blues. This will bring a color focus to the photo and help everyone look less pale or washed out. Jewel tones brighten up the picture and make sure that people are seen -- even in a busy setting.

Do: Wear what you're comfortable in. In this picture people both match and coordinate. Mom didn't want to wear her orange t-shirt, but she coordinates with the kids by wearing a purple blouse that highlights the purple in the design on the kids' shirts.

Timeless DenimTimeless Denim

Do: Use denim to your advantage. It's a classic that won't "date" your pictures. Denim is informal, comfortable, and comes in a variety of shades, and it works with a wide variety of tops.

Don't: Wear stripes, plaids and crazy patterns. Not only are they distracting in a photo, but they could date your pictures and give you that "what was I thinking" moment. If you really feel the need for paisley, try it on your skirt or shorts.

Don't: Go without undergarments, and don't show too much skin. You might think that people won't notice, but they will. Clothes don't fit as well without undergarments, making your photo image seem misshapen. Overly exposed skin draws attention to that area and takes away from lovely smiling faces.

Packing with these simple ideas in mind can take your vacation pictures to the next level.

Do you have vacation pictures that you wish you weren't wearing what you were? Have you seen guests in the Parks that should have thought again before they walked out the door? Head on over to the forum and share your "what was I thinking" and "Oh know they didn't" Disney fashion mistakes!

JoAnn C wrote on Thu, 09/15/2011 - 00:56:

JoAnn C's picture

"Have you seen guests in the Parks that should have thought again before they walked out the door?"

I don't recall thinking this at the parks but I think it just about every day at work.

Kristen K. wrote on Sat, 09/17/2011 - 16:29:

Kristen K.'s picture

So glad to hear these tips helped! I drive my family when they're packing, I'm always telling them "It's all about the pictures!"

Lori wrote on Sun, 09/18/2011 - 21:21:

Lori's picture

One of my favorite photos from my family Christmas trip to WDW is of me, my husband and my Mom wearing our Merry Mickey Christmas Party long sleeved tees. It is a little hokey, but reminds us of how mucg fun we had.

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